Our goal is to maintain and extend strategic relationships with every customer that we service.

Relationships may initiate when companies consult us for their ERP solutions and IT service provider needs. We assist them to cut costs and avoid the overhead of managing technology and then often extend into assisting clients to make IT an integral part of their business strategy in order to increase their competitiveness in the global marketplace.  In an industry where technological and economic circumstances determine loyalties, we are proud of the long-standing relationships we have nurtured.

Some examples of our client relationships include:

  • Preferred vendor where we are the vendor of choice for provisioning technology products
  • Skills supplier providing skills, on a time and materials basis
  • Out-sourcing where we assume full responsibility for specific tasks in the management, support and integration services for IT operations. These include desktop, network, NT, and UNIX server and customer support services and can extend to application management and e-business services
  • Out-sourcing where we assume full responsibility for the entire IT operations
  • Collaborative or co-location where we provide hosting and provision of equipment and the client provides the personnel and infrastructure to operate the system
  • Pure-player involving multi-vendor alliances

Mantralogix Services:

  • Custom Development

    Our in-house development team designs and deploys customized solutions to meet the unique business needs of each of our clients. Client-server solutions, workflow applications, network-based and web-enabled application solutions are all within our areas of expertise. Contact us to discuss the details.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Build Relationships. Build Business Success. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become an indispensable part of doing business for forward-thinking, customer-centric businesses. When you can bring together email, calendar, marketing, sales, and support in one robust, integrated, highly-usable CRM solution, both productivity and customer satisfaction soar.

    Mantralogix works with small and mid-sized enterprise operations like yours, helping you select, implement, deploy, customize, and support your CRM solution. Start your CRM search here. Then speak with one of our consultants, and let us tailor a demonstration to the needs of your customer-focused business.

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  • ERP Solutions

    Mantralogix specializes in the implementation, support, and training of world-class ERP solutions from Sage, including Sage ERP MAS 500, Sage ERP Accpac, and Sage ERP X3, Sage PFW, and Sage BusinessVision Accounting. These world-class applications bring end-to-end functionality to businesses of all sizes. From distribution, manufacturing, financial/accounting, project accounting, CRM, eBusiness, and business intelligence, through point-of-sale and fixed asset tracking, Sage business management solutions deliver multi-faceted functionality for the life of your business. Learn More.

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