Simplifying Technology; It’s Personal, and not just Business.

Your systems must support your human talent and experience. At Mantralogix, we believe that the people part of your business is what sets you apart. If your approach is to leverage the most from human intelligence, then you can count on us to work with you to ensure that technology increases your flexibility, creativity, and agility, rather than stifling it.
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Success is perceived through the experience of our customers. We will be successful when our customers tell us that we have anticipated their business needs and problems, and solved them even before they are voiced to us.
To understand and anticipate the intersection of our clients’ business growth needs and technological innovation, and to engage our customers in strategic conversations that enables their business and people and our team to prosper.
Robust Relationships


The Mantralogix team of professionals has a broad range of talents and expertise supported and enhanced by decades of practical business experience. We provide our clients with IT consulting and business management software solutions that work in concert to deliver a rapid, measurable, and ongoing return on investment.

As business owners and managers ourselves, we understand that you require practical and precise tools to help you manage your operation more efficiently. Promises of quick fixes, lists of fancy features, and sales-speak don’t impress you. Honest answers, responsive service, experience-backed recommendations, and trusted products are what Mantralogix provides.

Explore our capabilities. Research the hardware and software solutions we endorse. Read what our clients have to say. Speak with a Mantralogix consultant. We think you’ll appreciate our client-centered approach to technology.

The Mantralogix Advantage


Mantralogix is your single-source provider of business management software, IT consulting and networking design, deployment and support, and custom application development.

Many solution providers claim to be experts in many things, so what makes Mantralogix different?

The difference is our team of dedicated professionals.

They always keep the big picture in mind as they execute on the details. They are professionals who continually study industry trends; observe, measure, and learn from, and refine everything they do; keep their training and certifications current, and always ask why not in addition to why.

Meet our team of experts
Kerry Mann
Jess Mann
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Cuddle Officer
John Rioux
Senior Account Manager
Debra Gilbert
Johny Thevara
Shivani Thapar
Project Coordinator
Jane Stiegler
Account Manager
Denise Penney
Accounting Manager
Mario Lavignasse
Solution Developer
Lynette D'Mello
Project Manager
Kris Szabo
IT Consultant
Stephen Bologna
Solution Developer
Saakib Merchant
ERP Practice Manager
Janice Rodgers
Construction and Real Estate Consultant
Juanita Thompson
Construction and Real Estate Consultant
Kari-Anne Paterson
Pascal Kakanou
Matt Walter
Marketing Manager
Miryan Velez
Sales Support & Exec Admin
Marc Cadranel
Manager, IT Managed Services