• Sage BusinessVision Accounting

Sage BusinessVision Accounting was specifically designed to fill the gap between entry-level and complex accounting systems, delivering extensive core functionality plus a range of customization options. Sage BusinessVision Accounting is the solution that meets the needs of your business today, and has the horsepower, flexibility and broad-based feature set to see you through years of growth.

With a range of editions and deployment options—including the tools you need to manage your inventory and sales process to help you serve on-site and remote customers—as well as industry-specific solutions designed by Sage development partners, Sage BusinessVision is sure to have a solution for your organization. Plus, with the optional eBusinessVision and Multi-Currency Manager add-on modules, you can easily expand your marketplace to a global, online audience, and serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With more than 18 modules, plus multiple add-on options, Sage BusinessVision Accounting meets the needs of evolving businesses in dozens of industries.

  • Core Accounting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Payroll
  • Budgets and Forecasts


Payroll can be an intimidating task for many small businesses. However outsourcing this task can be very expensive and still requires you to perform much of the work. Enter the Sage BusinessVision Payroll module, an easy to use tool that delivers the tools you need to make in-house payroll a simple task.

Sage BusinessVision Payroll allows you to customize the payroll process to meet your specific needs. You can define user-defined benefits and deductions, create departments, define different pay schedules and more:

  • User-defined benefits and deductions
  • Manage an unlimited number of employees for the same price
  • Payroll cheques or direct deposit
  • Advanced security features tightly control access
  • Produces all payroll-related reports and forms


Point Of Sale

If you are still using traditional cash registers to manage your retail organization, it is time to move to an integrated point of sale solution that helps you better manage your entire operation. Sage BusinessVision solution combines the business-critical task of checkout, payment processing, inventory control, customer relationship management, insightful business reporting, and back-end accounting processes into a single integrated solution.

  • Quickly Handle Sales: Manage customers and simplify the point of sale check out process.
  • In-Depth Reporting: Gain insight into your business so you can make better business decisions.
  • Effective Inventory Management: Manage inventory, including purchasing, pricing and reordering.
  • Integrated Credit and Debit Card Payments: Accept integrated credit card and debit card payments from your customers.
  • Easy Deployment: Easily deploy Sage BusinessVision on a number of tested Point of Sale hardware options.
  • Gain Better Control and Manage Your Entire Business: Gain better control and manage your entire business including back-end accounting processes and employee payroll.


Effective inventory management is key to the profitability of today’s distributors. The Sage BusinessVision Distribution suite of modules delivers the control, automation and efficiencies you can rely on to cut costs and maximize profits.

Inventory Control

Gain better control of your inventory assets with the feature-rich functionality of the Sage BusinessVision Inventory Control module. Inventory is maintained dynamically, so you always know exactly what’s in stock and where to find it. Easily and automatically track backordered items and monitor your stock commitment levels onscreen. Numerous reports let you track the sales and usage of parts, components and services. Additional features include:

  • Three costing methods to choose from: LIFO*, FIFO, and Standard
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Flexible pricing: promotional, quantity based, vendor based
  • Serial number tracking

*LIFO costing not available in the Canadian version of Sage BusinessVision Accounting

Order Entry

Sage BusinessVision Order Entry supports an unlimited number of orders and directly interfaces with the Inventory Control module to ensure inventory balances are accurate. The system automatically calculates taxes, revenue, cost of goods and receivables posting this information directly to the General Ledger. The system maintains a history of every system-generated invoice, affording in-depth analysis of sales, margins and profits. Other features include:

  • Quotation, layaway and repeat order capabilities
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Manual or automatic backordering of out-of-stock items

Purchase Order

The Sage BusinessVision Purchase Order module fully integrates with your other distribution and accounting modules to enable you to keep track of vendors, purchases, product costs and payables. The solution’s automatic posting feature, AutoPost, manages accounting accruals at the time goods are received. Powerful reporting tools allow you to monitor data by purchase order number, time period, vendor, or part number. You can employ additional filters to specify your desired display or reporting criteria.

  • Automatically calculate freight and landed costs
  • Print or email orders to vendors
  • Retain history indefinitely


You can easily and accurately track the costs associated with your projects and your manufacturing operations using the Sage BusinessVision Job Cost and Bill of Materials modules.

Job Cost

The Sage BusinessVision Job Cost module is a fast and flexible tool for collecting and tracking the costs and revenue associated with your company’s projects. Job Cost integrates with the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry and Payroll modules, and offers the ability to enter other outside costs, providing a single source for accurate, up-to-date information.

Bill of Materials

The Sage BusinessVision Bill of Material module integrates with the Order Entry and Inventory modules and allows for easy setup of your BOM recipes, detailed cost data and the tracking of sales to your customers. You can enter up to nine subassemblies in a finished part, track scrap and yield percentages for components, and roll up the current costing to your finished goods.



Business Intelligence

Small and midsized companies have the same need for reliable business intelligence that large enterprises do. Sage BusinessVision Accounting delivers powerful and flexible reporting and business intelligence tools giving you the insight you need to stay competitive.

Sales Analysis and Purchase Analysis

With the Sage BusinessVision Sales Analysis and Purchase Analysis modules you can keep track of critical sales and purchase data. Information can be viewed by invoice number, time period, customer, vendor, part number or serial number; additional filters can be used to specify your desired display or reporting criteria. Sales and purchase history can be retained indefinitely, and customer invoices, statements, and quotations as well as purchase orders can be printed or emailed directly to clients at any time. Sales history also can be used to create a credit note or process a new order or copy a purchase order. Plus, with the optional Multiple Currency Manager, sales and purchases can be made and tracked in virtually any currency, making foreign transactions quick and easy.

Financial Reporting

The reporting suite within Sage BusinessVision software gives you up-to-the-minute, critical information about your business. Because Sage BusinessVision software runs as a real-time system, there is no need to wait for batches to post in order to run your financial statements and get a clear picture of where you stand. Several reports also allow you to perform projections based on your own criteria, such as your company’s cash position in the coming weeks or months. More than 300 standard reports are included. Customize these and create your own using the included Crystal Reports® application.


The Sage BusinessVision Find functionality allows you to run queries on your data from any major module. Perform a search on customers, vendors, items, and more. This feature allows up to two levels of search criteria which display in a list format on your screen. You may drill down into the modular data or export the entire list directly into Microsoft Excel®. Find is a simple, yet powerful, tool to help you access the data you need to manage your business.

Core Accounting

The Sage BusinessVision Accounting core accounting suite of modules delivers broad-based functionality to help you accomplish the vital tasks of managing your financial operations.

Accounts Receivable

Stay on top of your receivables and improve cash flow using the powerful, flexible features in the Accounts Receivable module. Establish your own aging periods, quickly generate reports, maintain detail indefinitely, produce customized invoices and process payments easily.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module for Sage BusinessVision efficiently manages your company’s expenditures, saving you time and money. This advanced module stores, sorts and organizes vendor information and transactions. The Accounts Payable module then uses the information to produce a wide range of reports to help you to better analyze your cash flow.

General Ledger

At the heart of your Sage BusinessVision Accounting system is the General Ledger module. You can produce up-to-date financial statements at any time, without batching or waiting until month-end. With the proper security access, users can post transactions to either prior or succeeding years, making year-end processing easy and error-free. Extensive reports and inquiries give you up-to-the minute information on the financial health of your organization.