Why Leading Holistically May Be Right for You

Jan 19 2015

The world of technology changes so quickly and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by trying to focus on following the trends and trying to keep up with the changes, especially since so many of them are helpful in running your small and medium sized business. It’s important, though, to remember the human element in your businesses processes.

Holistic is defined by Merriam-Webster as “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.” This means that while you should never ignore technology for your human team members, you should also never ignore your human team members for technology.

There are numerous reasons why learning how to lead holistically can be a very important factor in your team’s success.  In management, decisions that are socially, environmentally, and economically sound for all stakeholders should be a priority. In order for this idea to succeed, you should define and optimize the way you respond to customer demand in such a way that humans and technology working together can only add to the value.

Team success is related to business processes that:

  • Defines worth based on the customers’ points of view
  • Follows through with a product or service from beginning to end
  • Increases the flow of productivity
  • Responds to issues in a timely manner 
  • Continuously enhances the processes based on feedback

If you approach your employees empathetically your employees will learn to pass that empathy along to customers. A holistic approach of combining people and technology will help your employees meet the needs of their customers using the technology. Doing so will improve the job experience for employees, as the customer, purchasing, ordering, shipping, etc. data they need to ensure positive customer experiences is readily available. In turn, customers will enjoy an improved customer service experience making them happy and bringing you repeat business.

Consistently teaching that humans and technology work best when working together will create a cohesive team that offers superior customer service. When customers start looking at you as a place to do business, your value will become clear in their interactions with you.

In conventional management, actions often focus on what you as a company need over what customers need, or vice versa. A holistic approach means you address these needs as interrelated – which they are. A holistic approach that has your people and your technology working together leads to proactive, rather than reactive, behavior.

At Mantralogix, we practice this concept by focusing on teaching people to view technology as another team member. We understand that it’s the people that use the technology and the people who determine how well the software is put to use and we know the importance of teaching them to work together. 

To talk more about this or other business management issues, please contact Mantralogix for more information.

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