What I Learned at Mantralogix

This is a post written by our visiting student, Tom, a 9th grader who came to our offices for The Learning Partnership‘s Take Our Kids to Work Day.

On Take Our Kids to Work Day 2014, I went to the workplace of a family friend, Jackie, to understand what goes on in a typical high-tech company – in this case, Mantralogix Inc. There, I found out about the inner workings of the company and what a high-tech company needs to survive. I learned about the roles that the employees are playing, and how I should choose my career. In order for me to learn about the various jobs, I got the chance to talk to a number of employees for about 30 minutes each. It turned out to be a great learning experience.

The first person I met was the COO of the company, Jess. She told me about the history of the company and how it first started when the President and Owner, Kerry, realised that technology can help other businesses. It kept on growing and growing, and now Mantralogix is the workplace of almost 20 people. She then told me how important it is to provide a good work atmosphere. Then, I met Denise, the “I do a bit of everything” person of the company. She showed me the accounting software that the company uses, and its functions. The next person I met was Jazz, a salesperson for the company. He explained the basics of sales and why it is so important in the company. Leroy, an ERP consultant, then taught me the basics of Sage ERP, and about its modules. He also gave me great advice about the internet. He told me: “The internet is like meat; you eat the meat and throw away the bones”. The last person that I talked to before lunch was Jackie, who showed me how to customize the applications.

After lunch, I met with Ram, who explained the Sage CRM program. I then watched him teach how to use the program. Then, I learned about the benefits of using social media from Sai. Later, I learned about the benefits of using Google Apps from Kris, and Amardeep explained to me what a server is. Jessica explained to me why it is important to have good relations in sales, and Manoja wrapped up the day by explaining to me the ERP X3 software program by Sage.

I have learned a lot from all of the people that I met. They’ve taught me various things about company culture, business, software and technology, and gave me great advice as well. I would like to thank Mantralogix again for giving me the great opportunity to visit the company. It has taught me things that I would never have learned in a classroom. It’s fantastic and I enjoyed such a great experience. I think it will definitely be helpful for my future studies and career!


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