Visual Process Flow – a fresh look that improves productivity

Jan 10 2013

Sage has incorporated the Visual Process Flow to Sage ERP 500, Sage ERP 300 and Sage ERP 100. The Visual Process flow is an interactive graphical interface that can be used to illustrate the steps required to complete tasks and may be customized to follow your specific business processes.

A Process Flow is ideally designed specifically for a particular role. This will mostly benefit the users to easily access tasks and launch screens without navigating through the ERP’s tree of icons. To make this more “user friendly”, a more descriptive text can be added to each task to describe the task and what needs to be done. Having a well-designed Visual Process Flow enables the user to focus more on their tasks and improves the training curve.

From the company’s perspective, custom built process flows can reduce training costs. The process flow itself will guide the users on the steps to follow. More so, a smooth transition from temporary or permanent handover of responsibilities can be expected.

Sage ERP comes with a number of Process Flow Template which may be used as is or as a basis for your own Process Flow.

How it works

Each task may be linked to a specific ERP function, report, URL, etc. This selection varies per Sage ERP Product line. Links connect elements to screens in your ERP system or to other resources. Clicking an object that has been linked to an ERP function directly opens the corresponding window. For example, Quote/Sales Orders object brings up the Order Entry window.

After creating and successfully testing a custom Visual Process Flow, you simply assign it to the appropriate users and start working with it.

How do you see a Visual Process Flow being implemented in your business? If you’re interested in learning more, or have any thoughts or feedback on working with the Visual Process Flow, let us know in the comments below.


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