Using Sales Commissions in Sage 300

Jul 23 2015

Setting higher commission rates is a good way to motivate your sales force, and using Sage 300 makes managing commissions easy. The commission feature in Sage 300 allows you to 1) change the commission rate received by sales people at any time and 2) make the changes effective immediately.

If you are already a Sage 300 user and have been using a commission-based system for a while, you’re most likely already allowing your ERP to keep track of commissions.

If not, here’s how to adjust sales commissions in Sage 300:

Step One

hand_holding_money_bagTurn “on” the option that allows Sage 300 to track your commissions. This can be done by navigating to the “order entry” screen. From there, choose the “processing” tab and select the option you’d like to use to calculate commissions. There are several options, including “sales,” which you use if your commissions are calculated based on the amount of a sale, or “margin,” which you choose if your commissions are based on a profit margin. Then, before exiting the program, make sure to select the “track commissions” box.

Step Two

Set up the commission rate. Navigate to the “accounts receivable” screen and select “setup.” From there, go to “salesperson” and then, under the “commissions” tab, select the “paid commissions” box.

Step Three

Establish how many rates you’ll be using, if more than one. For example, you could reward your sales team with a 10% commission if they sell between one and 20 products and then increase the commission to 15% for sales people who sell more than that, etc. Do so by going to the “number of commission rates” box. Enter the commission rate under “rate” and indicate the amount of sales for which this rate will apply.

Step Four

If necessary, you can now set specific commission rates for a category of items. If you have sales people selling different types of products and need to boost sales for a specific category of items, you can do so by adjusting the commission on the “I/C category” screen instead of the “accounts receivable” screen. Under the “options” tab on the “I/C Category” screen, select the box that allows commissions and enter the commission rate for that category into the empty field box.

Tracking, adjusting, and just generally managing sales commissions using Sage 300 is quick and easy. Follow these instructions and you’ll be taking care of commissions like a pro! Your sales reps will thank you too!

Do you have questions about using Sage 300 for tracking and managing commission rates? Do you have questions about Sage products in general? If so, you should contact Mantralogix. We’ll help you with everything you need to get your business to a better place.

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