Using Mobile Communications to Optimize Business Intelligence and Revenue Growth

Oct 01 2015

With the growing reliance on mobile communications, it should come as no surprise that corporations have overtaken the social media sphere to interact with customers. Smartphones outsell all other mobile devices, tablet sales are on the rise, and mobile apps are becoming a popular form of currency exchange.

It is essential that small businesses adapt to this new era. Here are a few ways for small business owners to optimize mobile use to increase business intelligence and see revenue growth.

QR_codeQR Codes

Quick Response codes, more commonly known as QR codes, are an interactive identifier that, when scanned, can do anything from give product information to lead a customer straight to the business’s website. The genius of QR codes is that they allow for instant communication, whether it’s by directing customers to an app or allowing them to enroll in a rewards program. Ultimately, QR codes are a sure-fire way to engage customers.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have revolutionized business intelligence, allowing business owners to manage their financial and administrative tasks via smartphones. Google Drive, for example, functions as a full office suite. Expensify converts photos of receipts into nicely formatted expense reports, and inDinero handles a business’s financial information in addition to projecting profits and suggesting budgets. Owners who take advantage of such mobile apps will find their businesses running much more smoothly and efficiently.

According to, small businesses that use these platforms save an average of $6,000 a year, so don’t be left behind – start learning mobile technology today.

To learn more tips and tricks, contact Mantralogix. We are always here to help.

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