Top 10 New & Improved Features of Office 2016

Jul 28 2016
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We’re happy to share with you the top 10 new and improved features of Office 2016! These feature will make a big impact on what you can do with your documents.


  • Real time co-editing in Word: Microsoft has finally taken a page out of what Google Doc users have been doing for years. This feature allows real time co-editing of documents in Word 2016. The ability to use the co-editing in other Office formats will be coming in the near future, but there is no defined timeline when this will be available. Until then, enjoy collaborative working!
  • Tell Me feature: This new feature in Office 2016 helps users get answers to questions when in a document. For example: how do I project my screen to a second monitor, insert a watermark into a Word document or creating graphs within an Excel spreadsheet. By typing in the Tell Me box using basic language, Microsoft will try to help narrow down the search for answers to your questions.


  • Presentation app: The new presentation app in Office 2016 is called Sway. This app allows a user to drag and drop photos, videos and files from Twitter, YouTube or Facebook onto a web browser, tablet app or smartphone. Sway helps you to organize your content in an engaging fashion unlike the one-dimensional way PowerPoint handled content. Who’s excited about this one? We sure are!
  • New Outlook: This new feature called Clutter allows you the opportunity to move low priority emails out of your inbox and into the Clutter The feature works at identifying emails that you are likely to ignore and over time, will automatically move them into the Clutter folder within Outlook for you! Once you activate Clutter, it will appear in all devices with Outlook 2016 installed, your handheld and tablet for example.

The data in this blog was provided by an article written by Tom Spring, and his site with the entire set of new features for Office 2016, can be found here.

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