The Sage CRM Sales Lite app for iPhone

May 27 2013

The Sage CRM Sales Lite app for iPhone is now available on the Apple iTunes store – to use the iPhone app with Sage CRM 7.2, you must install this component on Sage CRM using component manager. You must be on version 7.2 or later.

sage crm iphone app

You can download the app itself from the Apple iTunes store

The user guide is available here

The component does the following:

  • Creates new SDATA views that the iPhone will use to download your data
  • Adds new files that allow the iPhone app to connect to CRM
  • Configures the appropriate web-service settings so communications can be entered into CRM by the app

When installing the component, you will see two options:

  • Enable for all users: This will give all existing users mobile device access, web-service access (required to add communications) and allow “external logon” required.
  • CRM uses an SSL (HTTPS) connection? You must select this option if your CRM URL uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) – if the URL of your CRM installation starts with https, then you use SSL.

When the component is installed, you will need to restart tomcat.

This post originally appeared in the Sage CRM Community Blog

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