The Internet of Things (IoT): What is it, Benefits, and Pitfalls

Dec 11 2015

Defining the Internet of Things and its Benefits

Businesses of all sizes are embracing the evolution of the Internet of Things, or IoT. Even consumer products are proliferating at an amazing rate that takes advantage of IoT technology. Everything from thermostats to door locks to refrigerators are becoming connected to the internet and accessible from remote computers and smartphones. Gartner analysts have predicted that by the year 2020 there will be in excess of 26 billion devices connected via the internet.

Is it any wonder that business is following the same trend with internet-enabled applications that improve services for their employees, business partners, and customers? IoT has now demonstrated proof of reliability and maturity, allaying some of the fears IT professionals expressed in the past.

Internet of Things – there are many Benefits to migrating applications to the Cloud including:

  • Reduction in hardware and associated maintenance costs
  • Flexibility in managing growth through scalability provided by IoT providers
  • Access – running applications from internet devices gives instant availability from anywhere in the world with any compatible device, be it computer, tablet, or smartphone

Internet of Things – Pitfalls or Cautions

internet_of_things.jpgTo be sure, IoT brings considerable advantages to businesses regardless of size. But there remain some valid concerns that business should take into consideration when migrating critical applications into the Cloud:

Loss of control – COIs especially are concerned that groups of users or business units are now empowered to contact a vendor using cloud-based applications without their knowledge or review. Policies need to be in place for IT review of all IoT initiatives to ensure viability of the vendor and protection of corporate assets and data.

Security – This is probably the biggest concern for business management and IT. Security on the internet is likely to not be as secure as the applications themselves. Due diligence must be undertaken to ensure that the infrastructure utilized for IoT applications includes adequate safeguards against data loss or theft.

Vendor viability – Not all IoT provides have the same levels of technical resources to provide customers with consistent services, performance, and scalability. Research your proposed vendor carefully including reference checks and audits of their security policies.

Mantralogix – Your Partner in the Internet of Things

Mantralogix consultants possess the experience and knowledge needed to help businesses evaluate implementations in the Cloud. We can guide small and midsize companies through identifying applications and infrastructure that are the best fit for IoT within your particular business. Leverage the expertise Mantralogix offers to provide software solutions that bring true business value and a competitive advantage.

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