Sage X3 Provides Both Forward and Reverse Traceability

In the processing industry, many companies continue to use things like Excel spreadsheets to track inventory or lots. Choosing to do so that way – the old way – means a company has their data in isolated silos, making it harder to find necessary information. Using new technology like Sage X3 means having a single, centralized database that holds all of the company’s information. This database is easily accessible and handles all formulas, batch productions, recipes, and lot controls.

Sage X3 Provides Both Forward and Reverse Traceability.  The Sage X3 platform monitors all aspects of the process manufacturing cycles. In addition to maintaining highly accurate data, this also saves money on labor costs.

The core of a successful process manufacturing company is the ability to achieve ongoing recipe consistency, which is done by tracking the yield in each step, which includes having measurements with accurate conversions.

By using today’s Sage X3, companies can initiate both forward and reverse traceability for raw materials, ingredients, and end products. Lot tracking is more transparent, and the software provides overviews on the supply chain and quickly initiates any recalls when necessary.

Sage X3’s modules handle:

  • quality control
  • shelf life control
  • expiration date control
  • certificates of analysis
  • product packaging
  • repetitive and high volume process flows
  • formulas
  • component/ingredient tracing
  • lot tracing
  • specific gravity calculations
  • unit of measure conversions
  • co-products and by-products
  • potency control

In addition, process manufacturers can use the Sage X3 platform with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that they are fully compliant with government regulations like SARA Title III, ANSI, and OSHA Communications Standard.

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