Sage CRM E-marketing

E-marketing, or in other words email marketing, is growing in popularity. Sage offers E-marketing as built-in email marketing in Sage CRM, enabling businesses to build campaign lists as well as design email communication using templates. By doing so one can quickly and effortlessly deliver the right communications to the targeted contacts. E-marketing helps your business to acquire new customers, while connecting with and cross selling to existing customers.
Responses to email campaign can be captured and analyzed.
Sage CRM Pre-defined Templates

  • Over 90+ templates to choose from that covers most of your communication requirements for marketing.
  • Simple few-step wizard for creating e-marketing campaigns
  • Edit existing templates, import and create your own templates. Customize templates with text, images such as company Logos, and links to PDF files.

E-marketing campaign in Sage CRM

  • E-marketing campaigns can be cloned easily to help users, share standards and create campaigns quickly.
  • E-marketing campaigns can be sent on behalf of other users with a ‘from’ address in Sage CRM, thus centralizing campaign creation.
  • Call Lists can be created based on E-marketing responses that can be used by Telesales team.
  • Based on response, one can create and run drip marketing for targeted contacts.

E-marketing tracking and analysis

  • Track open rates, clicks, bounced, unopened, unsubscribes for further action.
  • Determine contacts who have shown interest and what products they are interested in.
  • New groups can be created based on the responses for future campaigns.
  • Analysis data is updated in Sage CRM, at a scheduled time.
  • “Opt out of E-marketing communications” updated in Sage CRM.

Templates have “Leave this List” link allowing your contacts to unsubscribe receiving emails.
“Opt out of E-marketing communications” in Sage CRM is updated for the contacts records at a scheduled time on daily basis. This can be used for future marketing campaigns to filter out contacts who have opted out.
Sage CRM is used by over 14,000 customers worldwide in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service functions. Integrated with Sage ERP, salespeople can access Customer Status, Orders and Invoice details from Sage CRM. Marketing campaigns are made easy with Sage E-marketing.
Contact us via phone at 1-866-320-8922 or via email at [email protected]  to learn more about Sage CRM and E-marketing.
Sage CRM E-marketing

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