Putting Big Data to Work with Analytics

Dec 18 2015
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Turning Data into Information

This is the age of sophisticated software solutions that provide businesses with information to run more efficiently and serve customers promptly and effectively. Armed with such tools as ERP and CRM software, enterprises large and small can realize significant returns on their software investments in the following ways:

  • big data analysisIdentify opportunities for business process improvements through implementing best practices incorporated in the systems
  • Forecast trends in customer demand through use of historical data
  • Reduce overhead through integrated workflow, automated reporting, and system-generated notifications
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual reporting processes or “management by spreadsheets”
  • Make better business decisions based on factual data
  • Provide information in real time rather than waiting for closing periods or batch processing

Many of these systems generate huge amounts of data from inventory transactions, customer billing, personnel information, order processing, and much more. What’s problematic in many systems is turning that data into useful information. When researching and selecting a system for any business purpose it’s important to evaluate what reporting functionality is included with the software. This allows you to realize the return on investment you expect.

Several areas warrant particular attention:

  • Does the system include standard reports that meet your requirements?
  • Are there easy-to-use query tools that allow you to extract data for ad hoc needs?
  • Is there a report-writer tool included or available to generate custom reports that can be reused?
  • Can the vendor provide training and support of reporting tools, so that your personnel can be efficient with the tools quickly and consistently?
  • Does the system integrate with standard formatting such as Microsoft Office?

Mantralogix – Applying Analytical Software to Your Big Data

Mantralogix assists small to midsize businesses with the selection and implementation of software solutions that meet your unique requirements. We can help you leverage the data in your systems to provide true business value and a competitive advantage. Mantralogix provides services for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries and offers full implementation and on-going support to our customers now and in the future.

Find out how the Mantralogix Advantage can be your competitive advantage by contacting us. For us, it’s personal, not just business.

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