Microsoft/ Saqib Shaikh – an example of Humane Technology

Apr 07 2016
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Most of us believe that technology has helped improve our lives in one way or another. Yes, it also introduced challenges and in some cases was used for wrongful purposes, but overall it has helped human beings a great deal.


A whole new level of nobleness is introduced when technology is used to assist the physically challenged.  This is an example of humane technology!

Microsoft did just that! They used the Seeing AI (artificial intelligence) app to assist the visually-impaired and did it in such a way that enabled what was only thought to be possible in science fiction! The fact that the development was done by an employee who is visually impaired adds another human touch to the scene and proves that nothing can stop people who have strong will!

Enjoy this amazing video!

Cheers to Saqib Shaikh and to Microsoft for celebrating this accomplishment!

Technology can do a lot more to help human beings and when it comes to this noble cause, only the sky’s the limit!

For us it’s personal, not just business!

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