Mantralogix mentorship shines on Take Our Kids to Work Day 2014

Nov 17 2014

The Mantralogix team loved participating in The Learning Partnership’s Take Our Kids to Work™ day for the third year in a row! Our team shined as they inspired a young person and in turn were inspired by him.  We want to thank the entire team for investing in our community and taking time out of their busy schedules to share what they do and why they have chosen to make technology and helping others a part of their careers!2014-11-05 09.43.26
This is The Learning Partnership’s signature program involving more than 250,000 Grade 9 students annually. The program celebrated its 20th year and provides grade 9 students with the opportunity to experience and learn about the world of work as they begin to explore possible career paths.
Our participant this year was Tom, a grade 9 student at The Woodlands School currently enrolled in the Enhanced Learning Program.  Tom spent time with each Mantralogix team member hearing about their educational and career history and how their choices have helped them to be successful in their current roles.  He was also treated to a special lunch by Jackie, Mantralogix team member of the year!  What an awesome role model Tom has!
In advance of his day with the Mantralogix team, Tom shared some information about himself so that we could customize his day to meet his needs.  Tom shared that he is interested in history and enjoys reading.  He wanted to learn about leadership and communication by visiting with our team for the day.  And did he?  Here’s the lovely note Tom sent to us a few days later…
“Dear Mantralogix Team – Thank you for accepting me to visit your office for Take Our Kids to Work Day. It was a wonderful experience in my life. I learned things that I would never have known if I didn’t come to your working environment. Many thanks to Jess, Jazz, Leroy, and all other people for spending time talking to me during the day.
One of the first things that I learned is that in order to make employees happy, you need to have a good work environment. I also learned the need for timekeeping in business. Soon, I learned the importance of sales in a business and how many products need to be sold. I then learned the great advice about the internet, and I learned about coding and the role of a development team. I also learned how to use Customer Relationship Management software. I learned about various google apps and what the inside of a computer looks like from the IT team. I then learned about the importance of customer relations to a company and some concepts of Sage ERP software from the consultants.
Take Our Kids to Work Day was a very informational day for me. I learned many things that I couldn’t have known on a normal basis. Here, I would like to thank the Mantralogix team again for sharing with me both the Mantralogix culture and their success.”
More than 250,000 Grade nine students and at least 75,000 businesses and organizations nationwide participate in Take Our Kids to Work day annually. The Learning Partnership began running this program in 1994 in Ontario and it has since grown into a national program that reaches students in all provinces and territories across the country.
Research suggests that today’s students will have multiple careers over the span of their working years. They will need to master both new technologies and complex social and organizational systems.  They will also need to be prepared with the educational tools and experiences that will be necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s workplace.
Mantralogix is proud to be a participant in this fabulous program and support our community, and students in learning about careers in technology and business.  Our team was very impressed with Tom and all the relevant questions that he asked!
We encourage all of our partners, vendors, and customers to host a student next year!  It’s a great investment and you’ll be amazed just how much you will learn from a grade 9 student!

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