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Apr 08 2015

How many times has this happened to you?

You call for technical support, or you call customer care for assistance, only to find no one is there to answer your call.  Or you get transferred from person to person because “this is not our department’s issue, I will transfer you to another department”, only to then get told that “you are not talking to the right department”.

Sound familiar?

In these days of outsourcing support to other companies and other countries, it has become increasingly difficult to get anyone to offer you true customer service; someone on the other end of the line who sounds like they really care about helping you resolve your problem.

The first thing someone wants to hear when they call someone for assistance is a live voice on the other end of the telephone, not a recorded message, or a menu with 101 choices, but you must “listen carefully as their choices have changed recently”.

It is also not enough to be a live voice on the other end of the telephone.  You must be quick to assess any given situation, and be prepared to react accordingly. For example, your valued client has called and they are extremely upset by their current circumstance.  You must be ready, willing and able to let them express their issue without interruption, quietly planning your strategic approach when the opportunity arises. You start by expressing sympathy that they have been inconvenienced by this issue, and empathize with their current situation without being condescending – remember you are the professional here. You then start the process by which to correct the problem, which will usually include starting a remote session to visually see the problem first hand and finally plan your resolution path.

At Mantralogix, it is my “Mantra” to provide excellent service to our valued clients.  I take great pride in trying to create the most pleasant experience possible when assisting them. Clients are everything in virtually every business in the world, so why would you not want to create the best experience for them? You would be very surprised at how easily most situations can be de-escalated by taking a little time to listen and interact with your clients, show them the respect you wish to be shown, and make them feel validated – they are after all, the ones keeping you employed. If you approach every event with this attitude, you will find that not only will your clients respect your work, but they will also come to respect you as well. Nothing beats hearing your clients say, “Have a great day” at the end of your customer experience. It is also a good practice to follow up the support with a simple phone call or email, thanking them for allowing you to assist them and hope that everything is still working for them. You can never extend enough courtesies to your clients.

Does this sound like how you would want to be treated?  Give us a call at 1-866-320-8922 and we’d be happy to discuss with you how you too can become a valued client!

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