Is your IT behaving Strangely? It might be your security software!

Feb 12 2016
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Nowadays, security software has become very complex and sometimes difficult to deal with! From antivirus, antimalware to a firewall layer protection, configuring security software can become really cumbersome! When installing security software, many people tend to go with defaults. 

Clicking Next > Next > Finish is not always the right answer when it comes to security software!

First, when deploying security software in your business, it is always a good idea to implement a centrally managed solution. Some examples are Symantec Endpoint Protection or Kaspersky. Imagine you are trying to deploy the software to 20 or more computers! You go from one computer to another, then as soon as you finish, you discover an issue with configuration that is affecting computer performance! Now you have to go back to each computer to perform the required modifications to resolve those issues! This is where using a centrally managed solution comes in handy. You modify the policy then push those modifications to client computers with just few clicks!



Have you ever experienced changes in user computers’ behavior and performance issues after software deployment? You likely need to revisit your configuration to suit your network requirements. From network slow-downs to slow internet browsing and from strange application behavior to unexpected crashes. Even printing performance might be affected. Remember, security software analyzes all traffic from and to your computers! When it sees ‘something’ it does not like, it might perform some more in-depth analysis, which can cause all sorts of performance issues!

Here are 3 actual examples of the impact security software has had on our customers’ environments:

  1. Client shared they were experiencing extremely slow log-ins. Their security was not configured to trust traffic on their own domain! So, even normal traffic, like accessing their network drives, was being extensively analyzed by the security software, causing network performance issues.

  1. Client had an issue with an application that is widely used by the hospitality industry. Some of the screens would just display a blank page! No error messages! The security software’s firewall was blocking those screens.

  1. Client had an issue with printing. The printer would pause every 2 pages before it would resume printing!

In each case, modifying the security software’s settings, to suit the specific requirements on the customer’s network, resolved those issues.  We were certainly happy to help!


Have you experienced any of these type of issues?  Do you need help with installing/ configuring security software?  Call us 1-866-320-8922 and we’re happy to help!  For us it’s personal, not just business!

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