Identifying and Selecting the Right Business Application for Your Small and Medium Size Business

Oct 01 2014

The task of choosing the right business application can be pretty daunting and exhaustive. There are many business applications available and one can become confused when it comes to deciding which one is best suited to meet your business goals and alleviate certain challenges.
There are methodologies to assist businesses with the process of evaluating a list of potential applications best suited for your business. However, certain steps should first be completed that defines exactly what your business expects from the application. Your business should identify and document the core functionalities to form what will be your Requirements Document. This exercise should be thorough and inclusive, ensuring all functional departments are involved as each has their own specific core functionalities.
Other considerations in choosing a business application are:

  1. How much will the application meet your ever changing business need?
  2. How easily will it integrate with other essential applications already in use in your business?
  3. Its capability to extend outside the confines of your premises in adding value to customers, vendors and senior management who have a need for information on-the-go.

Another crucial consideration in this exercise is assessing the kind of resources a new application will require for implementation. Resource requirements in terms of human and financial can both be strenuous on your organization. Some applications require significant capital investment in computer hardware and other peripherals, which having made that discovery, one may also consider other options such as Cloud Computing. This is however a topic within itself which will Mantralogix team members have discussed in previous blogs.
Any business seeking to invest in a 21st century type application is expecting to identify and quantify their return on investment. While return on investment for technology projects are often times difficult to quantify monetarily, there are many other intangible benefits on which to focus which can be translated and converted in dollar terms.
At Mantralogix, we aim to become your trusted partner to assist you with this identification and selection process. Sage solutions provide a wide range of options which are likely to meet your business needs and are suited for varying industries.
We assure you that Mantralogix has a proven track record and methodology that will assist your business in this very important decision process. When next you decide to embark on a project of selecting either an entire suite of business application or identifying a solution to address a business need, please give us a call at 1-866-320-8922 and we would be happy to assist.
IDENTIFYING AND SELECTING the Right Business Application for Your Small and Medium Size Business

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