How We Live by Exceeding Customer Expectations

Sep 11 2015

Mantralogix has always nurtured a culture of exceeding our customers’ expectations at every possible opportunity. Management always encourages us to feel free to pick up a box of donuts and some Java Joe to bring along when we are out visiting customers. While not costly items, customers don’t expect you to show up with anything so it always puts a smile on their face.  Little thoughtful things go a long way and make a huge difference in creating an Excellent Customer Experience. Customer Experience

Recently we had been speaking with a new prospect who was looking to migrate from a legacy enterprise platform onto a newer and better ERP solution. As ERP solutions are significant investments the prospect wanted to make sure he had all his questions answered so I offered him my mobile number and asked him to call me anytime, evenings or weekends, and he did! We spoke a number of times and I was able to address all his questions to his complete satisfaction, allowing things to move forward in a positive way!

Then a few days later, though not a client yet, he emailed again to ask for help troubleshooting a problem he was having with his current legacy software. I was stuck in rush hour traffic before a long weekend, but was able to immediately send an email to our team and 3 consultants immediately jumped in to offer their advice on how to fix his problem. And about 5 minutes after his email the prospect called me to make sure I received his email and I was glad to be able to tell him that I did and that our ERP manager would be giving him a call shortly to assist. He was overjoyed and extremely appreciative of us responding so quickly to help him.

He sent me a very kind email the next morning, copied to his CFO, to thank us for assisting him so quickly and helping him to figure out and manage his problem.

Living and breathing customer experience is one of our mantras here at Mantralogix. We are all so enthusiastic about helping our customers and derive so much personal satisfaction out of it. We invest a lot of time learning how to improve on exceeding customer expectations, sharing our personal successes and sharing the feedback we receive from our customers. One of our team members summed it up best when he said we want our customers to ‘FEEL GREAT’ when they hear the name Mantralogix, need to call Mantralogix, or see our name on their call display when we call them.

If you are interested in working with a technology partner that cares deeply about your experience working with them, please contact or call us at 1-866-320-8922 and experience the difference!

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