How to Ensure Your Systems are Secure

Oct 15 2015

Worried about systems security? Implementing a secure IT environment will decrease systems downtime, decrease the time it takes to trouble shoot infrastructure issues, decrease the chance of intrusion to your company systems, decrease risk to the organization and ultimately increase the productivity of your user community.


How do achieve great IT security?  Follow these implementation steps:

  1. Implement a commercial firewall with subscriptions to anti-virus, malware, and other Intrusion Prevention Software (IPS).

  2. Ensure all devices on the network have up to date anti-virus software installed which is regularly maintained so that all definition files are up to date daily.

  3. On the firewall configuration, setup the firewall policies to include IPS and filter the web pages which users connect to and scan for malware.

It is also important to maintain this environment to accomplish a great end to end security strategy and to leverage your investment.

This approach makes managing your IT more efficient, more secure, and less risky allowing you to get back to your core strengths.  Need help setting this up?  Contact Mantralogix at 1-866-320-8922 and we’d be pleased to assist you!

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