How to create/add Crystal Reports in Sage X3

Jan 22 2015

Reports play a very important role in any ERP system. Sage X3 comes with many out of the box reports which users will find very helpful.  There are situations, however, that users may require customized reports for their unique requirements.

Let’s review how to create/add a new Crystal Report in Sage X3:

1)    Design the required report in Crystal Reports

Navigate to Development -> Processes -> Report which opens up the reports list. Click New to create a new report.



Enter the Report code and Report name which need to be added. The Parameters can be given in the Parameters tab.


Click Create to create the report.

2)    Run, Test, Print the required report

The report can ben run and tested from Reports -> Reports which lists all the existing reports in Sage ERP X3.


Enter the newly created report code.

Enter the parameters and click Print to view the report.


If you have any questions about creating customized reports in Sage X3 or would like more information about Sage ERP options contact us at 1-866-320-8922.  We’d love to help!


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