Evolving ERP Systems to Modern Day Sage 300 Intelligence

Aug 27 2015

evolutionWhen enterprise resource planning (ERP) software first became available, its purpose was to use modern technology to integrate and simplify business management practices. Early ERP models had a heavy emphasis on accounting – automating financial processes, improving analytics, and streamlining the production of financial reports.

Although early ERP solutions did simplify other business functions, at that point in the evolution of ERP software it was often necessary to invest in additional software to handle functions beyond accounting processes.

This type of narrow business ERP solution meant that most of the company’s data was maintained in databases outside the scope of the ERP application. Thus, a comprehensive set of analytical reports was only possible with data manually combined from multiple, incompatible databases — which often led to errors and out-of-date information.

Modern business calls for much more than just good accounting practices and standard financial reporting. That’s why current ERP systems have evolved to the point where a larger emphasis is placed on business intelligence and transparency across all departments, including, of course, accounting.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Simply put, Sage 300 Intelligence is an Excel-based engine that pulls data from across your entire ERP system. This includes information from sales, inventory, customer databases, accounting modules, and non-financial data. Once that information is in Sage 300 Intelligence’s central database, it is used for streamlined analysis and real-time generation of a staggering number of reports. These reports are generated using the familiar format of Excel-based graphical reporting and provide a much more informative “birds-eye” view of your business and important information. This highly integrated approach lives up to the original premise of ERP functionality by providing an enterprise-wide solution.

As they say, knowledge is power. With increased emphasis on business intelligence and comprehensive integration, newer ERP solutions such as Sage 300 Intelligence give you the power to drive your business forward to more productivity and ultimately, more profitability.

If you would welcome a demonstration of how modern ERP software offers integrated business intelligence solutions, please contact Mantralogix. We can find the right solution for your business.

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