Empowering your team with mobile CRM apps

Nov 14 2012

“Information is useless that you have amassed about your customers and potential targets”, if that data is hidden away from your executives and staff. Empowering your employees with that critical data is vital.Analysts see the trend toward tablets & mobile CRM applications as a natural evolution of technology deployment.

What started with field sales forces and customer support is now finding its way to administrative support and into mainstream companies. “It’s relatively common these days for an executive to use a hand held device to get access to key customer and account records,” says Christopher Fletcher, vice president and managing director for customer relationship management at Boston-based Aberdeen Group. “Now we are starting to see people using them to track inventory levels, do quality control and other kinds of automation apps for sales resources. It’s not just a list of customers. They’ve got the inventory database downloaded to the site, and they can take the order and make a commitment to the customer right there on site.”

Many of the biggest names in automation for sales teams and CRM have announced handheld products and software to cater to this market. It is now a basic expectation from the corporates as well as the end users that these devices naturally extend and allow them to stay connected to meet their business requirements. Now, every default smartphone and tablet device has an office application capable of handling Word documents, spreadsheets, creating and displaying presentations. While these may represent the most basic units of workflow productivity, there are a number of apps which can help a company take sensitive data from their Information systems onto universal wireless access.

The benefits of real-time access to your CRM solution and database are numerous and can have a positive impact on your business performance and profits. It’s all about real-time data to your fingertips-anywhere, anytime.

Sage CRM delivers rich functionality across multiple mobile and tablet platforms via a customizable, browser-based application that is easy to deploy and manage. Sage provides robust capabilities to the users who are on the road the most – your sales people. They can access and edit all account and contact information as well as keep track of their schedule and activities, and is available at no extra charge to Sage customers

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