Deduplication: Do you really need to buy extra storage?

Nov 17 2015

With today’s growing data requirements, companies have started facing challenges storing humongous amounts of data. In addition, whether for operational or legal requirements, companies are now required to keep data for several years as well, again raising the need for bigger storage. One of the companies that sells SANs (Storage Area Network) is now offering a product with a storage size of one Petabyte expandable to 4.3 Petabytes! That is four thousand three hundred terabytes which by the way is more data than all U.S. research libraries combined have!

But before you go ahead and buy extra storage, you might want to explore other solutions that can save you from spending money unnecessarily.

Have you ever discovered that several employees have saved the exact same huge PDF file under different folders on the server? But what to do about this?  It’s too difficult/ time consuming to manually go through all the folders and delete the duplicates. Well technology can certainly help!


Data deduplication, also known as intelligent compression or single-instance storage, is a method of eliminating redundant data which enhances the utilization of your storage. For example, ten employees might be copied on an email that has a 10MB attachment. Without deduplication, the server is required to save the ten copies of email resulting in consuming 100MB of storage. With deduplication technology, the attachment is saved only once and a pointer is placed in the email to point to the location where this attachment is saved. This means that you have saved almost 90MB of wasted storage! Some would think, well, we would still need to purchase deduplication software and incur that cost! Did you know that Microsoft has included deduplication features in Windows Server 2012? So if you have Windows Server 2012, this means you only need to turn the option on without spending a penny!

Case in point: one of our clients had a fileserver that was running out of space. With only 1.5 GBs left, their assumption was that their only way out was to purchase extra hard drives. At no extra storage cost, we’ve configured data deduplication on their fileserver which led to increasing free space to almost 110GB!

This approach makes managing your IT more efficient allowing you to get back to your core strengths.  Let the experts assess your environment so that your hard earned is not wasted! Need help setting this up?  Call Mantralogix at 1-866-320-8922 and we’d be pleased to assist you!

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