How Construction-Specific Software Can Change Your Business

Efficiency and technology go hand-in-hand when building a successful company. While it’s possible to run a business well with Sage 50 or Quickbooks, there’s always the ability to grow and do more with your time. For construction companies, that couldn’t be more true. Without the proper construction software, project’s could lose momentum or even fail as critical job cost and information could be lost.

Sage 100 Contractor is Your Solution

With technology and needs changing, it’s important to review what your construction company needs to stay successful. For many, it’s to stay innovative by constantly trying new methods of business integration, software simplicity, and efficiency throughout the process. Your solution to achieve this, is to use software that embodies each of these needs within its core, and Sage 100 Contractor is that solution. Previously known as Sage MasterBuilder, Sage 100 Contractor is the solution to manage a successful construction company as it allows for many of your tasks to be accurately performed in one software solution with ease.

Sage 100 Contractor gives you visibility. It allows for users to create custom alerts and see the big picture while providing options to zoom-in.

It holds integration at its core. Having to jump between applications to manage accounting, payroll or job cost data is a thing of the past. Sage 100 Contractor embodies all of these tasks within a single software that can even allow employees to enter time from mobile devices.

It runs your business efficiently. Being seamless and limiting the chance of errors are a few of its focuses. By incorporating both of these traits, it allows users to easily switch among different aspects of the system depending on the task, and it limits the chance of errors that come with using disconnected systems.

It keeps things simple. No longer do you have to enter data multiple times. Instead, it’s readily available regardless of if you’re looking to manage the construction cycle or check an estimate.

Every construction company needs to be able to work seamlessly across all of their departments to ensure that they’re getting the job done right and on time. Sage 100 Contractor is the solution to businesses struggling to manage critical tasks such as estimating, job cost, payroll and project management. It’s the all-in-one solution for owners to learn how integration, simplicity, and efficiency within a software can build their success and limit headaches. For more information about Sage 100 Contractor and how it can benefit your construction business, contact our Mantralogix Support Team today!

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