Beat the ERP Implementation Odds

Apr 16 2015

Correctly identifying the risks associated with the implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has long been a topic of research. The incidents of implementation failure are high, and research companies have studied hundreds of implementations to determine what it is that makes an implementation a success versus a failure.


Below are some of the factors that can cause an implementation to fail:

Lack of Organization and Unity

A successful ERP system implementation requires a serious commitment of time, money, and peoplepower. When a company can’t get their strategy, structure, procedures, and employees all on the same page, the disorganization will cause stress, conflict, wasted time, wasted money, and eventually failure.  A unified leadership team, along with an excellent Project Manager, will both go a long way to providing the unity & organization needed to deliver a successful ERP implementation.

Loss of Control

Many people should be involved in an ERP implementation, and a single person ruling with an iron fist – so to speak – won’t work. Having too many people with control, however, will cause people to butt heads and lead to a lack of clarity as to who makes decisions about what.

A company could also lose control – or fail to gain control at all – of their employees. Without a strategy to get all employees involved, those who dislike the change could sabotage the implementation by refusing to accept and learn the new system.  Again, a strong Project Manager is a great addition to the team, providing the framework to involve functional or departmental champions and allowing for equal input and control around decision-making.

Being Unprepared for Project Complexity

An ERP system implementation is highly complex. As we mentioned, many resources – time, money, effort, teamwork, planning, etc. – are involved. A new ERP system can also change how many employees at the company do their jobs.

In order for the implementation to be a success, a company must understand the complexity and be prepared to meet it by putting forth the resources and supporting the employees with training, among other things.

Don’t let the risks associated with implementing an enterprise resource planning system scare you away. ERP systems can positively change the way you do business and help you grow and become more profitable.

To learn more about why the pros of an ERP system outweigh the cons, please contact Mantralogix today. Let us ease the burden that comes with tackling an ERP implementation and guide you to a successful implementation you need to make this your best year yet.

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