4 Reasons why a Post-ERP Implementation Strategy is Important

Nov 21 2016

On the Mantralogix blog, we spend a lot of time discussing ERP implementation possibilities for your company. One thing that we are hoping to focus more on is helping you through your post-ERP implementation activities.

The lead up to going live with your new ERP system is an exciting experience. It is also mostly what people focus on, and is often what they consider the completion of the process. But, this isn’t the case! The true test of ROI and overall success begins the moment following your go-live event… and even within the first year.startup-photos (1).jpg

A cause of this can be attributed to the fact that many ERP teams end their work, or go part-time once the system is in place. The ideal scenario is that they will stay on and help guide the company through the process. This post-implementation process should not only consider technology, but should take into account the people when they are determining success.

Ideally, you should be planning your post-implementation activities around, or before your UAT, or User Acceptance Testing. This is the best time to be putting together a strategy that allows you to test the ROI of the people, technology and the processes of your ERP project.


Some activities that your company can put into place within the first year following your ERP implementation are:

  • Performing a post-implementation review
  • Transitioning the ERP consultants
  • Determining a governance strategy
  • Continued training

And after all of that, don’t forget to do a follow-up on how the post-implementation went! A review system will help you identify issues early, before they become bigger adoption issues. This step will also help you create a channel for feedback from your users, and aid them before they abandon the ERP system.

Contact us at Mantralogix for more information on how to get the most out of your ERP implementation with a robust post-ERP implementation strategy.

We’ll lead your company to success: that’s the Mantralogix Advantage!

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