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Everyone likes to be appreciated, right? We do – and we work hard to earn our clients’ appreciation. Our clients have been kind enough to share their Mantralogix reviews with us and bestow some very nice testimonials of their satisfaction with our team of professionals over the years. We’re grateful for the relationships we’ve established and are proud to share these reviews and testimonials with you.


Working with Mantralogix: Belmont Meats.


Working with Mantralogix: Spectrol Inc.

- Ray Kapoor, President, Spectrol Inc.

Working with Mantralogix: Tetragon Distributors.

- Joyce McLorn, President, Tetragon Distributors Inc.

They are trustworthy and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great IT services.

- Quote from Top Choice Award 2015 Survey Respondent

Simply great company in every aspect! They really take the time to listen to your needs and personalize your experience.

- Quote from Top Choice Award 2015 Survey Respondent

Great products and people. Always on the ball at any hour.

- Quote from Top Choice Award 2015 Survey Respondent

Their slogan fits them very well. They are a great technology partner and they do indeed put people first! Very impressed with the treatment I got as well as the benefits of the implemented systems!!

- Quote from Top Choice Award 2015 Survey Respondent

Highly recommended! Glad they are my IT service provider. Better than any other company I’ve dealt with.

- Quote from Top Choice Award 2015 Survey Respondent

They have wonderful customer service. I know I can count on them if I ever have any questions. They gave very helpful advice throughout the whole process.

- Quote from Top Choice Award 2015 Survey Respondent

Customer service, products, and image are all very good.

- Quote from Top Choice Award 2015 Survey Respondent

They have implemented great systems that have truly made a difference  in my business. I am very thankful 🙂

- Quote from Top Choice Award 2015 Survey Respondent

Excellent at what they do! They really care about improving your working systems.

- Quote from Top Choice Award 2015 Survey Respondent

We make one call when we have questions or an issue. There is no finger pointing as there might be with multiple vendors. This is a huge benefit to our organization where we are all busy and focused on our jobs. It is wonderful to know that when we turn to Mantralogix they will make it right. We never have given them an issue that they were unable to resolve.

- Quote from Top Choice Award 2015 Survey Respondent

Mantralogix takes the time to look at the whole picture of your business.  We have both MACs and PCs in our business and they were able to make them sing in harmony.  They give us great advice.  We have found them to be incredibly attentive, even working on the weekends to get the job done.  They have gone above and beyond any of our expectations.

- Controller, News Distribution Company

We had outgrown our finance system and customer relationship management system, we called Mantralogix and they came in and really took charge.  Mantralogix is a true consulting firm.   They guide you to what your really need for you business.

- Applications Supervisor, Construction Manufacturing Company

We needed a software to support our manufacturing processes and procedures, product costing and formulation, inventory management.  We found Mantralogix and they really listened to us.  They try to find the right solution for a client. When we have a hardware or network problem, someone is working on it within the hour.  They have all of our IT needs covered.

- Controller, Food Manufacturing Company

Mantralogix is the Rolls Royce of IT consultants.  I always feel a personal touch from them.  They make you feel like you are their only client, like you are part of the family

- Owner, Distribution Company

Mantralogix took the time to truly understand every facet of our business.  They were able to help us combine multiple systems to simplify how we operated.  You couldn’t work with anyone better for implementation, development, and support.  They have the whole game.

- I.T. Director, Distribution Company

We were using spreadsheets to manage our business processes and reporting needs before we found Mantralogix.  Mantralogix held our hand all the way through a very successful installation.  Any time we have had a problem, we can rely on them to quickly find the answer and give us the help we need.  We feel a kind of kinship with Mantralogix that’s hard to find in any other business.

- Controller and CFO, Manufacturing Company

We tried to install the software ourselves but when we lost the employee that was assigned to the task, we thought to call Mantralogix because we needed a seamless, rapid install.  Mantralogix responded right away, cleaned up all loose ends, and put all of our different systems together.  They made it easy for us to overcome the learning curve involved in implementing the new software.

- Owner, Translations / Transportation Services Company

I couldn’t be happier with this (ERP) rollout – a great experience from start to finish!  It made my day to come into work on day 2 after go-live and talk to my co-workers about their MAS 7.4 experiences and hear a lot positive feedback both in regards to the system & training.   Then to have 2 weeks with nary any issues arising from the upgrade?  Fantastic!

Checklist for success:

  • Selected a new server that’s the best fit for our business? Check.
  • Solid server setup, on-site installation & post install support? Check.
  • Upgrade to MAS500 and have minimal impact on day to day operations the next day?  Double Check.
  • Outstanding on-site training & Day 1 go-live support? Check.
  • Business running as usual a week after go live? Check.

- I.T. Director, Distribution Company

“Mantralogix was the only company that explained that a software we have might still work at our company if installed and running correctly. Everyone else is just trying to sell a product, Mantralogix is the whole package, who make us feel like they want to help our company not just make a buck! I will be telling people about this company every chance I get.”

- Owner, Distribution Company