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Level 3 Processing Data

When Level 3 processing data flows into an ERP system, it becomes easy to classify detailed information, which can enhance decision making for your customers’, or even your own, business. It also allows accounting departments to monitor and record purchases made on the company card at a lower transaction rate than Level 1 or Level 2 purchases. Implementing Level 3 processing will also help reduce your expenses for processing commercial and government cards by up to 40%.

Level 3 or ‘line-item detail’ is detailed transaction data that is passed when a payment card is used for a specific purchase such as item purchased, quantity purchased, and other merchant-specific order information.

This information typically is made available when the purchaser uses any card that is issued for a specific type of business purchase by a business or government agency. These include government-issued cards, business, or corporate purchasing cards.

Why do I care about Level 3 data?
You care about this for two main reasons. One, if you do business with government agencies, most mandate Level 3 information to be able to monitor purchases. Similarly, other businesses that you transact with on a regular basis will most likely require this at some point if they use purchasing cards. The use of purchasing cards among midsized business is one of the fastest growing payment methods. Passing Level 3 data today will mean you’ll never have to turn away a customer who asks for this level of detail with their purchases.

Sage Payment Solution Level 3 Processing Data

The second reason is Level 3 transactions can carry lower card processing fees when businesses pass “line item detail” about the purchase with each transaction. If you do not collect and send the data with the card authorization, you will be charged higher fees because the transaction is categorized as more risky. The more data you collect the less likely of fraud, chargebacks, and so on. The bottom line is that this functionality keeps your customers happy and saves you money!

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What are the benefits of integrating Level 3 into an ERP system?

Key benefits of integrating Level 3 line item detail into an accounting system helps customers:
• Eliminate manual entry of Level 3 data per transaction.
• Automatically add Level 3 data to each invoice payment.
• Lower transaction fees.
• Sell to any customer with a purchase card or to a government agency.
• Secure PCI-certified Level 3 payment processing technology.
• Simplify invoicing and reporting.
• Retain and gain government and business customers or enhance customer satisfaction.

So what can I do?
It is really very simple. If you combine a Sage ERP solution with Sage Payment Solutions, we take care of all of this Level 3 stuff for you. Sage ERP solutions automatically gather the data and send it with the card transaction when necessary without you doing a thing. So you can supply your customers with the extra information they need to make good business decisions and save yourself some money as well.

Here’s a video recapping how to activate Level 3 Processing in Sage 100