Sage 50

With Sage 50, you can increase the productivity of your business with this professional accounting and business management solution. You can efficiently track your sales, expenses, taxes, control cash flow, and costs. Accounting becomes more simple, maintaining your budget can be done at a glance, and staying organized with all your financial data becomes clearer.

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Migrating to Sage 300cloud or Sage Enterprise Management

The vision for the future is a cloud based solution and it’s here now

Sage 300cloud is the solution that offers greater functionality at lower total cost of ownership than you have now. You’re in the cloud every day — through email, online banking, stock trading, or social media — and with Sage 300cloud, you’ll now be able to access your business management software just as easily and securely, 24/7 no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

The total cost of this subscription for both products is about the same price you’re paying right now!

Off plan? No worries – there is a small setup fee that will get you back on plan, and able to take advantage of this great 2-for-1 offer.

Of course, being able to work from home or on the road isn’t the only advantage Sage 300cloud has to offer:

  • Full-fledged ERP-level functionality with a comprehensive Excel based reporting platform
  • Minimal hardware costs and no need for server upgrades
  • Free automatic updates and upgrades without business disruption
  • Automatic and regular data back-ups along with disaster recovery and full security

Signing up for this new plan will give you a Sage Business Care Gold plan on both products, making it possible for you to continue using Sage 50 as you get accustomed to and migrate to Sage 300cloud.