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Financial reporting software is crucial to any business functions, because financial information is the basis of business insight. For this reason, it’s also critical that financial reports are always current, accurate, and available to stakeholders who depend on them for timely analysis and effective decision making.  In addition, the finance department needs flexibility in how to select, organize, consolidate, and distribute the reports.

Renovofyi, the financial report writer, utilizes an intuitive and user friendly interface to provide access to financial reports anytime and anywhere, ensure data integrity, and improve delivery speed. Renovofyi integrates with almost all general ledger systems and Excel, so reports can be created from data stored in multiple locations as well as any format. By streamlining the design, compilation, and distribution of financial reports, our web-based software increases productivity and get companies the information they need to help them manage their business.

Microsoft FRx vs Renovo Comparison

Renovofyi Features and Benefits

As a web based solution offering comprehensive financial reporting and analysis, Renovofyi streamlines the design, creation and distribution of financial information. Managers will spend less time preparing and verifying financial figures, and more time making sound business decisions. That’s financial intelligence! Looking for more? Additional Renovofyi features and benefits include:

  • Web Based Financial Reporting – Empowers users to view reports from anywhere at any time. Renovofyi is very easy to maintain because there is no need to install a client
  • FRx Conversion – Renovofyi is the only FRx replacement solution that has an actual utility that converts your existing FRx reports, retaining the time and resources you’ve invested in FRx
  • Supports Multiple GLs – Connect to almost any GL data source as well as multiple sources within a single report to create complex, consolidated reporting across platforms
  • Rows, Columns, Organizations – Renovofyi uses a familiar building block concept for report design, allowing you to leverage your existing knowledge in report design
  • Drilldown Summary to Detail – Report Viewers can drill down from a consolidated view, down through the chart of account segments such as departments, down to the account balances, and even down to the journal entry detail
  • Automated Distribution – Save time by creating distribution lists and automate email bursting of reports to groups of people in the format they want
  • Report Scheduling – A built in report scheduler allows users to automate the recurring creation of reports on daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Manage Historical Reports in Online Folders – Renovofyi stores all of a user’s reports in online folders so they can go back and view historical reports whenever they need , without having someone rerun the report for them
  • Modern Technology – Web front end, SQL server backend, with LDAP integration lets you take advantage of modern technology

Wondering about additional features and benefits? Give us a call at 1-866-320-8922 and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you in detail!

Renovofyi Dynamic Financial Report Design

Financial report design isn’t easy, especially when complex reports require pulling, compiling, and reusing data from multiple companies and sources. We eliminate the headaches and frustration finance professionals often experience with report generation by using design methods that are:

  • Smart  Renovofyi is accounting aware; it recognizes general ledger data, definitions, and calendars, no formulas necessary.
  • Intuitive  Reports utilize familiar concepts including rows, columns, and organizational trees.
  • Reusable  Previously created components are stored for use in other reports.
  • Reliable  Centralized report designs ensure everyone receives the same financial data in a uniform format.

Renovofyi Comprehensive Drilldown Data

Financial statements provide a crucial window for executives and managers to understand their company’s financial position, knowing what goes into those numbers can be even more important. We empower decision makers to view and analyze information in the way they need by generating reports that are:

  • Verifiable  Report data and component auditing ensure general ledger accounts aren’t missing or duplicated.
  • Detailed  Account summaries, account details, and transactional data are just a point and click away.
  • Multifaceted  Reports can pull from multiple data sources as well as cleanly compile multi-dimensional reporting.
  • Accessible  Perform a comprehensive drilldown data analysis with reports that are available on demand in many formats; no more calls to the Accounting Department.

Renovofyi Efficient Financial Report Distribution Options

Finance departments know time is money, and our high performance software generates reports fast. In addition, it eliminates manual, time-consuming, and repetitive data management processes, and simplifies financial report distribution with procedures that are:

  • Secured  Permission controls secure user access to data, report components, and reports.
  • Controlled  Windows Authentication controls access to the application.
  • Scheduled  Automated bursting lets you select when reports are run, the format, and what information is sent to each recipient.
  • Organized  Reports are stored in customizable libraries so you can view and manage archived and current reports.