Procore is an all-in-one construction software solution that connects applications, devices, and users on one central platform. With an unlimited user model, and world-class support, Procore encourages collaboration so that all relevant parties can be involved in a project, without being penalized with hidden fees. Real-time data and insights provide comprehensive visibility into all aspects of a project, minimizing risk, and facilitating accurate projections.

By delivering best-in-class products for Project Management, Quality & Safety, Construction Financials, and Field Productivity, and the ability to integrate with leading third-party applications, Procore helps firms around the world save time and money, while gaining project control and visibility.


  • Procore Project Management
    • Collaborate anytime, anywhere.  Build a truly collaborative environment with unlimited seat licenses for real time accessibility.
    • Connect field and office.  Teams can access all the information they need, with real time updates and instantaneous tracking.
    • Manage drawings and specs.  Procore is a drawing-centric application.  Submittals, RFIs, punch lists, photos and more are all on the current drawing set, so everyone has what they need when they need it.
  • Procore Quality & Safety
    • Know where the problems lie.  Pinpoint and problem-solve issues across all your projects using data and reporting dashboards.
    • Excellence requires excellence.  Perform jobs faster, communicate more efficiently and ensure a quality build with tools designed to outperform the competition.
    • Freedom with control. Get company-level reporting that maintains your company data and helps you standardize reports, while giving projects the freedom to make (some) adjustments where needed.
  • Procore Construction Financials
    • Instant, actionable data.  Give field teams powerful, simple tools for tracking and recording complex cost impacts in real time.
    • Create change events directly from your mobile device in the field and see the impact in the office and take action to minimize cost exposures
    • Connect the ERP solution of your choice. No more change orders scratched on post-it notes.  Give the office the data they need.
  • Procore Field Productivity
    • Real time labor productivity.  Get insight into your budgeted labor hours versus actual hours completed by cost code.
    • Decrease data entry.  Enter time for individuals or entire crews on the job site on mobile or web.
    • Simplify payroll.  Timesheets two step approval process ensures time cards are accurate the first time.


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