• Kaspersky Total Security for Business

With multiple platforms, devices, and applications to support, it’s getting harder to protect against all the threats out there. The more tools you have to support this effort, the more time you spend on updates. This increases the cost and effort you’re devoting to managing all these different tools and creates obstacles across your organization.

The core challenge in today’s environment isn’t that there are no tools available. It’s that each individual tool adds to the complexity you face when trying to implement your security policies. With Kaspersky, you’ll get the security you need to close the gaps in your security posture while reducing the number of tools you have to work with.

Kaspersky provides a complete, fully integrated platform that gives you the world’s best anti-malware protection, robust endpoint control tools, plus systems management, encryption, and Mobile Device Management—all managed from a single console. This is not simply a collection of solutions strung together and sold as a “suite.” It’s a unified platform that makes it easy for you to see your risk across all your systems and endpoints, apply your policies consistently, and bring your security posture in line with your
business objectives.

Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business

Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business secures every layer of your network and includes powerful configuration tools to ensure your users are productive and free from the threat of malware regardless of device or location.

Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business delivers our most comprehensive business security solution. In addition to anti-malware for workstations, file servers and mobile devices – plus specialist encryption technologies, flexible endpoint controls and efficiency boosting systems management tools – Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business provides reliable protection for mail servers, collaboration servers and traffic flowing through Internet gateways.

Kaspersky Total Security for Business

Features Included
• Anti-Malware
• Firewall
• Cloud-Assisted Protection via Kaspersky Security Network
• Application Control
• Application Whitelisting
• Web Control
• Device Control
• File Server Protection
• Mobile Device Management (MDM)
• Mobile Endpoint Security (For Tablets and Smartphones)
• Encryption
• Systems Configuration and Deployment
• Network Admission Control
• Advanced Vulnerability Scanning
• Patch Management
• Mail Server Security
• Web/Internet Gateway Protection
• Collaboration Server Security

Mail, Collaboration and Web Security

Mail Server Protection
Protects mail on the latest versions of major mail and collaboration platforms: Microsoft® Exchange, IBM®, Lotus® Domino® and Linux®-based mail servers.

Security for Internet Gateways
Ensures secure Internet access across the organization by automatically removing malicious and potentially hostile programs in HTTP(S) / FTP / SMTP and POP3 traffic.

Virtual Elimination of Spam
Using Kaspersky’s cloud-based technology, updates are pushed immediately — reducing spam’s ability to become an epidemic. Suspected emails are held and re-checked, which increases the capture rate — and reduces false positives.

Collaboration Security
Kaspersky defends your SharePoint® servers against malware, while content and file filtering capabilities help prevent the storage of inappropriate content.

System Configuration and Patch Management

Patch Management
Advanced in-depth scanning for vulnerabilities combined with the automated distribution of patches.

Remote Deployment of Software
Central deployment of software to client machines, even to branch offices.

Network Admission Control (NAC)
With Network Admission Control (NAC), you can create a network ‘guest’ policy. Guest devices (including mobile devices) are automatically recognized and sent to a corporate portal where the correct identification password enables them to use the resources you’ve approved.

Operating System and Application Image Deployment
Easy creation, storage and deployment of system images from a central location. Perfect for migration to Microsoft® Windows® 8.

Hardware, Software and License Management
Hardware and software inventory reports help keep control over software license obligations. So you can save on costs by centrally provisioning software rights.

Endpoint Protection Features

Superior Endpoint Anti-Malware
Industry-proven traditional signature-based, proactive and cloud based methods for detecting malware threats.

Cloud-Assisted Protection
The Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) provides a response to suspected threats, much faster than traditional methods of protection. KSN’s response time to a malware threat can be as little as 0.02 seconds!

Encryption and Data Protection

Comprehensive Encryption
Choose from full-disk or file level, backed by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256 bit encryption to secure critical business information in the event of device theft or loss.

Support For Removable Devices
Increases your security through policies that enforce the encryption of data on removable devices.

Secure Data Sharing
Means users can easily create encrypted and self-extracting packages to ensure data is protected when sharing via removable devices, email, network or web.

Transparency For End-Users
Kaspersky’s encryption solution is seamless and invisible to users, and has no adverse impact on productivity. No impact on application settings or updates, either.

Endpoint Controls

Application Control
Enables IT administrators to set policies that allow, block or regulate applications (or application categories).

Device Control
Allows users to set, schedule and enforce data policies with removable storage and other peripheral device controls — connected to USB or any other bus type.

Web Control
Means that endpoint-based surfi ng controls follow the user — whether on the corporate network or roaming.

Dynamic Whitelisting
Real-time file reputations delivered by the Kaspersky Security Network ensure your approved applications are malware free and help maximize user productivity

Mobile Security Features

Innovative Anti-Malware Technologies
Combined signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted detection results in real-time protection. A safe browser and anti-spam increase the security.

Deployment With Over The Air (OTA) Provisioning
The ability to pre-configure and deploy applications centrally using SMS, email and PC.

Remote Anti-Theft Tools
SIM-Watch, Remote Lock, Wipe and Find all prevent unauthorized access to corporate data if a mobile device is lost or stolen.

Application Control for Mobile Devices
Monitors applications installed on a mobile device according to the pre-defi ned group policies. Includes a “Mandatory Application” group.

Support for Employee Owned Devices
Corporate data and applications are isolated in encrypted containers which are transparent to the user. This data can be wiped separately.