Your ERP Tool is Useless Without People Who Know How to Use It

May 21 2015

No matter what size your business is, you should consider implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to cut costs, improve efficiency, and modernize your processes.

When you decide to take this crucial step in the evolution of your business, keep in mind the following three aspects, as they are integral to implementing and maintaining your ERP system.

1. Vendor

There are numerous software publishers that offer ERP systems. It takes time and research to choose the one that is best for your business. The sales people from each vendor will try to sell you their product, regardless of whether it’s the best product for you or not – but don’t fall for just a good sales pitch. The best vendor will assist you in assessing your needs and offering options that fit those needs. Issues of software compatibility and unnecessary programming won’t be a problem because the right vendor will work with you to prevent these issues in the first place. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. 

2. Team

footballhuddleEnterprise resource planning system implementations aren’t easy. While ultimately worthwhile, moving from your current software to a new ERP system is a process involving time, money, peoplepower – and quality planning. Having a dedicated ERP team in place to work together throughout the entire process can serve to save time, money, and confusion. Ensure that the team is made up of a higher-level management individual, as well as with representatives from all departments of the business. This change affects everyone, not just your information technology staff. Choosing responsible, hard-working members for your ERP team will make the implementation go more smoothly.

3. Training

You must find someone who can train your employees. This person will work with the ERP team to determine training needs and set up training schedules. Your trainer must obviously be knowledgeable but above all else must be patient. Some employees will learn to use the new ERP system quickly and with no issues whereas other employees will struggle and require extra help. Some employees may dislike the change and behave stubbornly to make it more difficult. It is vital to remember that your ERP system will not be successful unless all of your employees are using it correctly, so build in extra training time.

Implementing an ERP system is a mistake if you go about it haphazardly or if you fail to consider the importance of the people during the implementation process. Software is only as good as the people who use it, so choosing the right consultant and the right team to help with the implementation is crucial. Failing to train your users can also be the demise of your implementation. While an enterprise resource planning system will provide you with an excellent strategic tool, it is your people who will put the tool to good use.

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