Windows 2003 Disaster – A Risk You Don’t Want!

Jun 22 2015

What can happen when IT disaster strikes!  A true Mantralogix customer story from earlier this month.

One of our customers was running a Point of Sale (POS) server running windows 2003 server. The server failed due to the raid controller card failing and not recognizing the hard drives. The HP server was over 7 years old and very unreliable at this point. There was also a bigger issue with the data on the failed server; all the data backups were stored locally on the server (definitely not a recommended solution).

We were faced with two possible solutions to quickly recover the data and apply a temporary fix for this disaster.

  1. Send out the drives to a data recovery center or

  2. Try to recover the data using a different server. The data recovery solution would have cost in the thousands of dollars.  Therefore we installed the three hard drives to a different model HP server and because the raid card configuration is stored on the drives we were able to pull the raid configuration from the drives onto the new raid controller – and the result was that the server started.

We performed full backups of the database and setup daily backups to an external Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and placed the server back in production. This whole process took about one day. Whew!

The permanent solution is now being worked on in a proactive and planned way.  We will create a new virtual server on Microsoft HyperV windows 2012 R2, install the latest POS application and just migrate the data to the new server.

Morale of the story?  Don’t wait for a disaster to happen to one of your systems and suffer productivity and potential revenue loss. Mitigate your IT risks.  Not sure if you are on the verge of disaster?  Contact or call us for a complimentary review at 1-866-320-8922.


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