Why stay up-to-date with patches, service packs and firmware updates

Jul 23 2015

 Have you ever heard of the term Zero Day Attack? It refers to a security vulnerability that has been exploited by hackers before it became known to software vendors. This means that the software vendor practically has zero days to fix the security hole that has already been used to attack affected technology systems.

Zero Day Attacks is one, among many reasons, why you need to keep your systems up-to-date. 


Some companies have not run software vendor updates for months, which makes their systems much more vulnerable to attacks. Some would claim they cannot afford the down time needed to install the updates! But with proper planning, you can minimize the down time and protect your systems at the same time. Updates can be scheduled to automatically run during off-operational hours.

Even if it is not security related, not staying up to date with updates can adversely affect the performance of your systems. One of our existing customers had not run updates for months and they were experiencing regular server crashes. Once we performed proper maintenance, the server did not experience any further issues.

Don’t take the risk – stay up to date with software and firmware updates!  Have questions about how to regularly update your technology? Contact or call us today, at 1-866-320-8922.


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