Why I love working at Mantralogix

Aug 14 2015

I have written blogs in the past about giving advice on things to fix, or things to buy, but there is one thing that money can’t buy in today’s world, and something that is being seen less and less………employee incentives.

I have had the pleasure of working through two summers so far at Mantralogix, and one of the things that I have found amazing and wonderful, are the lengths with which the organization goes to provide bonding and team building experiences all on their own dime.

It is understandable that the bottom line will always be a main focus in any business, but many businesses can lose sight of what gets their company to their desired goals. Here at Mantralogix, they get what it takes to help reach that goal by providing a workplace that is friendly and inspirational.Centre Island

We just had our summer company picnic where the weather cooperated and a wonderful time was had by all. This year’s picnic was held at Centre Island, and the company booked a picnic site, paid for everyone’s ferry ride to the Island, and the food, company and games were enjoyed by one and all. This year has also seen the social committee arrange to have a softball team compete in an amateur softball league. Truly, this company endeavors to create a strong team bonding environment.

There have also been some offsite and onsite training classes with respect to personal development as a company on how we can go from “Good To Great” to help ensure the best quality experience for our clients, this has also been done on the company dole and once again, shows a commitment by Mantralogix and how much they care about the people they serve as well as the people who serve them.

There are several other things such as:

  • celebrating everyone’s birthday with a cake in the kitchen and everyone gathers there to wish them well on their special day

  • Fitbits for anyone wishing to be part of a walking group with friendly monthly competitions

  • recognizing personal milestones and achievements by staff

  • having baby showers for expectant parents, both first time and war torn veterans

Employee incentives do not have to be lavish or about money, but just recognizing and appreciating what your staff does for you, goes a long way to benefitting the company by developing a caring and knowledgeable staff who feel appreciated. I know I do.

Thank you Mantralogix for allowing me to voice my opinions, and being a company that truly cares about the wellbeing of their people, who are considered and treated like family. Well done!

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