Why every business needs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Mar 24 2015

I have written in the past about my learnings from Corporate Canada, specifically my experience leading business units at Scotiabank.  Understanding the massive benefits of having an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is definitely one of those key learnings.  Actually, I cannot think of a single business, whether Corporate or a Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB), that couldn’t benefit from a CRM system.  And after 4 years of working at Mantralogix and having been exposed to Sage CRM, I can honestly say that this is an application all businesses should consider!  We certainly have – Mantralogix is also proud to be a user of Sage CRM.

CRM can be used as a standalone system or integrated with your ERP.  It can be hosted on premise or in the Cloud.  Regardless of how you structure it, CRM allows a business to increase their sales and revenue by deepening relationships.  Let’s face it – we all have more information than we can store or remember – so CRM is a convenient and manageable way to store and collect key information about relationships.  It doesn’t need to be limited to customers – it can be used to house information on prospects, vendors, partners, employees, and influencers – any relationship that you care to invest in and grow.

At the Sage CRM learning conference, held recently in Dublin, Ireland – I had the opportunity to hear firsthand from customers around the globe on what they felt were the benefits of using Sage CRM.  Below is a summary of the questions posed to them and their responses combined with my own experience of using CRM as a business leader at Scotiabank.

1. What were your top business challenges being faced before implementing Sage CRM?

– Used Excel to track leads and opportunities. This resulted in some sales opportunities being lost 

– Sales people on the road couldn’t get access to needed information

– When sales people quit the company certain information was lost with them (corporate knowledge leak)

– No consistent process for going back to existing customers to understand what other business problems we could help them solve (Cross-sell opportunities are valuable – 80% of your future business will come from 20% of your existing customers accordingly to Gartner)

2. Why did you choose Sage for CRM?

– Ease of customization

– Need for mobility

– Affordability; low cost to acquire/ implement

– Flexible/ adaptable application

– Sage CRM Community – valuable and vibrant resource from Sage with active participation by Sage experts, partners and end-users

3. What functions benefit from Sage CRM in your business?

– Finance

– Sales

– Admin

– HR

– Marketing

– Service

4. How has Sage CRM benefitted your company?

– Transparency of sales activities

– Forecasting ability of sales has increased

– Increase in customer satisfaction

– Deeper customer relationships

– Integrated Sage CRM into other existing systems – more efficient

– Summarization of information

– More efficiency in running reports and more management oversight

– Asset tracking

– Better vendor management

– Increased referrals (stemming from increased customer satisfaction)


5. What is the best feature within Sage CRM that helps you in your job?

– Report generation and the ability to export to Excel

– Ease of use

– Workflow is automated

– Simple database that brings departments together so there is a single instance of customer information

I was also impressed to learn about the major focus that Sage CRM has within Sage itself.  In fact, Sage has increased their investment in CRM by 12% for research and development, which signals to me just how important they believe it is.  2014 was a landmark year for Sage CRM – they launched a brand new user interface, enhanced mobile experience, added business accelerators for sales, furthered the integration with MailChimp for email marketing, and added new graphics.

Mantralogix is a proud Sage CRM solution provider – for sure.  But we are also a very happy Sage CRM customer.  As your trusted technology advisor – we aspire to exceed your expectations as a solutions provider, but also add additional value as your business mentors.  It would be our pleasure to share our business experiences with you!  Please contact us at 1-866-320-8922 or at [email protected].

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