Why do you love Canada?

Jul 01 2014

canada dayOn this 147th birthday of our great country we turned to the amazing team at Mantralogix to ask why they think Canada is so great. The answers are as diverse as our team! You see we stem from every part of the world and speak a multitude of languages. We have all come to Canada at different times and for different reasons – but we all agree that we live and work in one of the greatest countries in the world! Our diversity is definitely an asset to our customers across North America!

Why do YOU love Canada?

Kerry – “My Canada is True, North, Strong and Free. We are an industrious, welcoming & generous nation. We treat everyone with dignity and being there for our fellow Canadians in their hour of need is part of our core beliefs. Canada is a true meritocracy and therefore land of opportunity.”

Neil – “I am proud to be a Canadian because my grandfather was a full blooded Ojibwa Indian from northern Ontario.”

Jazz – “Number 1 reason I Love Canada is because it’s a country of many distinct coloured leaves all living and growing together collectively on the same Maple Tree.”

Charito – “Canadians are (overly) polite, easy-going and peace-loving people. I love Canada! … such an amazing place!”

Pascal – “Canada is a New, Rich and Big country where there are a lot of opportunities for those who want to be part of the history of this beautiful country.”

Jess – “Canada allows you to exercise all the rights of individual freedom and respects the rich beauty that diversity offers. I love that we are a polite, tolerant, loving nation! I also love that we have produced greats such as Wayne Gretzky, Margaret Atwood, and Jim Carey! And don’t forget about The Bieb!”

Michelle – “Canada makes me feel “forever young”; like it’s never to late to start again and reach for my dreams.”

Jackie – “The reason that I love being Canadian is the multiculturalism in Canada. We all love such colorful, peaceful and powerful country and people. Ô Canada! “

P.S. From a Mantralogix team member’s 10 year old daughter ” I love Canada because of our wildlife and because we have the best maple syrup!” Not bad, eh?

We’d love to know why YOU love Canada?

From our family to yours, we wish you all a very Happy Canada Day!

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