What’s New in Sage BusinessVision 2014

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What’s New in Sage BusinessVision 2014

With Sage BusinessVision 2014 we have added exciting features with efficiency and usability in mind. Below is a preview of the new enhancements, also check out the video for a demo of these enhancements.

User Details Additions
Two additions have been made to User Details in order to activate and control new and existing features in version 2014.

On the Details tab, an entry was added for “Default salesperson for new orders”.

Access – Payroll
In “Payroll > Options”, an entry was added for “View employee address”.

Setup System Additions
Several additions have been made to System Setup in order to activate and control new and existing features in version 2014.

General Ledger
In “General Ledger > G/L setup”, entries were added for “Lock fiscal periods ending on or before” and “Lock fiscal periods starting on or after”.

Sales Order
In “Sales order > Sales order setup”, a new entry was added for “Prompt for salesperson”.

Purchase Order
In Purchase order, a new node was added for “Default Ship-To address”.

Point of Sale
In “Point of Sale > Point of Sale setup”, entries were added for “Date display”.

General Enhancements

Lock future fiscal periods
The option to lock future fiscal periods has been added to prevent postings from being made on or after a fiscal period start date. The option can be set in “System Setup > General Ledger > G/L setup”.

Customer Details Enhancements

View journal entries from S.O. History
In Customer Details, on the S.O.s History tab, a “View Journal Entry” button has been added that allows journal entries to be viewed for transactions in sales history for the customer.

Vendor Details Enhancements

Print cheques
In Vendor Details, on the Details tab, a new checkbox was added labelled “Print cheques”. By default, all new and existing vendors will have this option checked.

This setting controls whether or not the existing “Cheque printing” checkbox is checked or unchecked when the vendor is loaded in Accounts Payable.

Order Entry Enhancements

Default salesperson
The default salesperson for new orders created in Order Entry can be set based on the user who initially creates the order. If a value is entered in User Details, on the Details tab, for “Default salesperson for new orders”, then this value will override the salesperson that is saved with the customer profile.

Prompt for salesperson
When a new order is saved, enabling this option will require that the user enters a value in the salesperson field. This feature is controlled by the “System Setup > Sales order > Sales order setup > Prompt for salesperson” setting. Note: A salesperson value will not be required when processing cash sales in order entry.

Required date filters in Batch Billing
The Batch Billing utility now includes the ability to select orders based on a range of order required dates.

Expanded Inventory Item Lookup Information
The View Inventory Details dialog that can be invoked from within Order Entry now includes P.O.s and P.O. History tabs.

Purchase Order Enhancements

Default Shipping Address for Purchase Orders
A default shipping address for Purchase Orders can be configured that is different from the standard company address. This additional address can be set in “System Setup > Purchase Order > Default Ship-To address”.

Choose Payment Terms when posting invoice to Accounts Payable
When posting an invoice to Accounts Payable from Purchase Order Details, payment terms can be modified.

Payroll Enhancements

View Address permission
Users can now be allowed access to view employee address information independent of all other employee information. This is controlled by the “User Details > Access > Payroll > Options > View employee address” option.

Email direct deposit pay advices
In Employee Details, on the “Details” tab, a new option has been added that allows you to specify whether direct deposit pay advices should be printed, emailed, or printed and emailed. This setting is made on an employee by employee basis.

Point of Sale Enhancements

Easier access to Line Item Discounts
In Point of Sale, the “Line disc. %” field has been added to the data entry fields for easier access.

Option to view system log-on date
The date that is displayed in Point of Sale can be either the current system date, or the user’s log-on date. This option is controlled by the “System Setup > Point of Sale > Point of Sale setup > Date display” option.

Product Code Enhancements

Default Sales Department
In Product Code Details, on the Details tab, a “Sales dept.” field has been added. If a value is entered in this field, new inventory items that are created in this product code will have the sales department automatically filled in.

Other Enhancements

Email option in Invoice viewer and Purchase Order
An email button has been added to the Invoice viewer and the Purchase Order viewer. When viewing Invoices or Purchase orders for customers/vendors for whom documents are set to “Email” or “Form and email”, the button will be enabled, so that the document can be either reprinted or re-emailed.

Customer number included in Sales Analysis – by Invoice Number results
When using Sales Analysis to retrieve results by Invoice Number, the customer number is now returned as one of the columns.

View Inventory items from Find – by Vendor Specific Prices
A “View Inventory” button has been added Find when searching by Vendor Specific Prices.

Check out a demo of these enhancements on our YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/sagebvsupport).


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