What's new in Sage 300 2016

Jan 21 2016

Recently, Sage released the 2016 version of Sage 300.  One of the remarkable changes in this version is the web screens.  Sage 300 2016 has included the option to install web screens that can be used in a web browser.   The web screen can be accessed thru desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.  This gives you freedom and convenience to see what’s going on in your business anytime, anywhere.  Plus, you can enter transactions as well. 


The 2016 release also includes a number of new features and enhancements.  In this blog, you will find all relevant updates on the core Financial Modules.

In System Manager, a new report is now available for a more detailed User Authorization report.  This gives you a list of all access rights available to each user

Regular users may now have access to Database Dump, Load and Copy, given the security authorization.

Post button is now available within the entry screens of GL Journal entry, AR Invoice entry, AR Receipt Entry, AR Refund entry, AR Adjustment entry, AP Invoice entry, AP Payment entry and AP Adjustment entry. This button will enable posting of the entire batch.   Post button is also made available within the Reconcile Statements screen.

Post All is now available in GL Journal batch list, AR Invoice batch list, AR Receipt batch list, AR Refund batch list, AR Adjustment batch list, AP Invoice batch list, AP Payment batch list and AP Adjustment batch list.  This will allow posting of all batches marked as Ready to Post from within the Batch List screen.  Note that the Post All button will only be active if one or more batches is marked as Ready to Post.

The performance on the following functions within  Bank Services has been enhanced:  Finder in Check/Payment No, Check/Receipt No, and Bank Entry Number fields within Reverse transactions screen, as well as the Quick Clearing screen within Reconcile Statements.

A new function in Tax Services, Clear History, allows you to cleartax information by range of fiscal year/periods.  Note that you can no longer clear the tracking information when printing the Tax Tracking report.

In General Ledger, the Document Date and Posting Date replace the single Date field available in the Journal entry screen.  Also, Entered By field is now available to indicate who originally entered the transaction (whether from GL or Subledger).

A new Date field that allows you to generatd reports by Document date range or Posting date range is now available in GL Transaction Listing, GL Posting Journals and GL Batch Listing.

There are other remarkable enhancements in other modules such as Payroll, Order Entry and Project and Job Costing.

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