What's a 'Civic Holiday' in Canada and why do we celebrate it on August 1st?

Aug 01 2014

This is a just a little reminder that this upcoming Monday, August 4th is a nationally recognized civic holiday in Canada. As a result, the Mantralogix offices will be closed for the day, but will be reopening on Tuesday, August 5th, 2014.
Why do we celebrate this day? Many provinces have a different name for this day, and reasons for celebrating it.
Here are a few different ways our country celebrates:
In British Columbia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and the Northwest Territories this day is considered to be the province’s national day and is a statutory holiday under employment/labour standards. So, on this day, British Columbians celebrate the province on British Columbia Day, Saskatchewanians celebrate the province on Saskatchewan Day — you get the idea!
In Nova Scotia, the day is known as Natal Day, and is not seen as an official holiday.
Alberta recognizes the first of August as Heritage Day; a day ‘to recognize and celebrate the varied cultural heritage’ of Albertans. Since the introduction of Family Day in February, this holiday has lessened in importance for the province. The day off is optional.
In Ontario, there are many different names for this day. In the City of Toronto, citizens see this day as Simcoe Day, to honour the first Lieutenant-Governer of Upper Canada, while the City of Hamilton honours it’s founder George Hamilton and the City of Burlington recognizes the Mohawk and political leader, Joseph Brant. The province of Ontario does not recognize this as a statutory holiday.
In the remaining few parts of Canada (Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador and the Yukon) this day off is not observed, although in the Yukon, the third Monday in August has importance as Discovery Day. This day commemorates the 1896 discovery of gold that led to the Klondike Gold Rush.
Whether you’re celebrating or working, we hope that you have a wonderful weekend!
Don’t forget: if you have any issues or need support, we will be available during our normal hours on Tuesday August 5th, 2014 to offer you the support you need; just contact us at [email protected].
The Mantralogix Team
What’s a ‘Civic Holiday’ in Canada and why do we celebrate it on August 1st?

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