What Will Improving Our Usage of Our ERP System Do for Us?

Mar 19 2015

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a great asset for your business if you want to grow, increase profits, and do things more efficiently. If implemented incorrectly, however, an ERP system could quickly qualify as a detriment instead.

Improving your ERP’s usability will have varying results depending upon how poor the current usability is, but improvements are almost always possible.

Improvements can:

Reduce Costs

If you use your ERP system only to help sales representatives manage their customers, you have the wrong system. A customer relationship management (CRM) system that handles those tasks would be cheaper than a full-scale ERP system of comparable quality.

piggybankwrappedinchainsIf your ERP system is difficult to use or your employees haven’t been trained to use it, they’re taking longer than necessary to do their jobs and probably aren’t doing the work correctly. This means that you’re getting less than accurate work and frustrating your employees. Improvements to the system will save money with reduced labor costs.

Increase Efficiency

One of the most powerful attributes of an ERP system is its ability to increase quality and efficiency in an economical manner. Investing in improvements to your ERP system can only lead to more work being done more efficiently and more quickly. 

Reduce Extraneous Programs

If you are currently using accounting software, a CRM suite, and an inventory management system, you are using too many programs. Improving your ERP system will make all of those programs obsolete, as the ERP system is designed to handle all of those tasks in one integrated platform.

Do you have an ERP system that you feel could be more usable, or do you not have an ERP system and want one? Whichever the case, Mantralogix can help. We offer custom-built solutions to meet your business’s ERP system needs. Contact us today to see if the system you’re using is what’s best for you.

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