What to Consider Before Choosing a Cloud ERP

Jan 28 2015


Business people are starting to mention “the cloud” quite frequently, but the term has become so ubiquitous that we’re not sure people actually know what it means. What “the cloud” means is that the things you use to run your company – software, data, and the related infrastructure – aren’t at a physical location on a physical server. They are hosted remotely, via the Internet. So why has the cloud become so popular? Because, for most businesses, it lowers costs, grows with your business, and takes away your information technology woes, such as support, security, maintenance, and upgrades. 

And now, instead of cloud companies holding merely data, pictures, etc., there are cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. And, as you know if you read our blogs, we at Mantralogix are big fans of ERP systems.

But you shouldn’t choose a cloud ERP without any less scrutiny than you would an in-house ERP. Here are some questions you should ask about a cloud ERP system before choosing to bring it aboard as a team member. 

Are they giving you an exclusive server? 

In general, cloud ERP services should be able to host many businesses and handle all of their information with a high level of security. Each business, however, should get their own server, which ensures a higher level of security and faster response times. 

Are you paying for software upgrades or are they free?

The majority of cloud ERP service providers offer software upgrades for free, based upon the fact that you’re probably paying a monthly fee or paying only for what you’re using. You should check, however, before choosing a product. 

Will you automatically receive software updates?

The best cloud ERP service providers are constantly adapting to the latest and greatest technology. Several years ago, for example, when cloud computing started becoming popular, there weren’t as many portable devices as there are now; to keep up with demand, cloud ERP system providers offer cloud services to any device with Internet access.

If your business requires a modification, is that modification available?

In-house ERP systems offer modules to cover any processes that their out of the box software doesn’t handle. A cloud ERP system should offer the same, or something similar, so that the system is customized for your business. 

With a good cloud ERP system, you pay only for what you need, your system and its information are available 24/7 anywhere you have an Internet connection, and security is handled by the ERP Company. Cloud ERP systems also offer all the benefits of in-house ERP systems, like streamlined processes, dashboards, real-time information updates, etc.

Mantralogix has been an innovative provider of technological solutions to businesses since 1996. We provide ERP software and other IT solutions to improve your company’s overall efficiency and success. If you’d like more information, contact us today! 

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