What Sage CRM is all about?

“SMB sales organizations will find Sage CRM to be a sound choice with broad functionality and low cost.” ~ Gartner

Sage CRM provides broad functionalities ranging from managing Leads, Opportunities, Customers, Contacts, Sales, Marketing, Support, Tasks, Communications, along with integration with other Sage ERP products. All of this put together provides Sage CRM customers VALUE for both Customer Relationships and the day to day functioning of their businesses.

According to Sage, 62% of those SMBs surveyed use spreadsheets and manual methods for contacts, sales management and forecasting. The biggest challenge for businesses is managing leads and departmental communication at 61% and 42% respectively. The CRM industry is on full force to change this and Sage CRM is a front runner when it comes to customer choice and satisfaction.


Top Business Challenges

Customers choose Sage CRM to manage many aspect of their business:

  1. Sales: Managing customers throughout their purchasing experience


  2. Marketing: Developing, managing and executing the best programs to generate leads and opportunities with minimum efforts and in an organized way

  3. Customer Service: Keep customers engaged all the time and making sure their needs are forecasted, understood and solved promptly

  4. Operations: Centralizing cross-departmental communications and activities to better align and move towards achieving business goals

  5. ERP integrations: Provides visibility of customer interactions and product information which most often is hidden from salespeople and other key representatives


CRM for Sales

Sage CRM provides tools to help manage sales activities through sales pipeline, assigning responsibilities to the right people, forecasting and much more. It allows you to create workflows for sales activities such as calls, follow ups, e-mails, quotes, orders, and closing. Lead management is another value creator in terms of how you can organize Leads and progress towards making a sale. It also provides calendars to keep appointments in one place, and monitor activities with Tasks and Reminders. With a full fleet of functionality salespeople and other key individuals can now access information instantly which often are hidden or may have required a lot of time and effort to get in the past.

CRM for Marketing

Sage CRM allows you to manage campaigns and reports through templates, e-mails, mailing lists and rapid lead to opportunity management. It allows you to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns by customer segment, e-mails, best sources and responses, and integrate workflow continuity into sales activities. Most important of all is the identification of your best customers to sell to based on criteria ratings, transaction history, and follow up lists. Sage CRM forces marketing to be an automated, integrated and continuous part of the business which otherwise would have been an on and off activity most often mismanaged and untracked.

CRM for Customer Service

Businesses now are all about customer service. From the start of engaging a customer to making the sale to providing customer support, Sage CRM manages every step of the process in one simple and user-friendly system. Automatically creating and tracking customer cases and creating a centralized knowledge base allows support staff to take care of the customers more effectively and solve issues faster. It also allows you to manage calls, follow ups, escalations and notification alerts for major issues, and approvals.

CRM for Operations

With business now being multi-sited and multi-national, Sage CRM provides excellent User and Security profiles that allows upper management to manage multiple locations, multiple departments with ease. Managers can now control and manage user activities while measuring productivity and performance. Cross-departmental communication is the second biggest challenge for business and Sage CRM provides the right set of tools to manage communications and making sure people and departments are kept accountable.

CRM Integrations

The power of Sage CRM become multifold when integrated with Sage ERP systems. The capability of Sage CRM to integrate with Sage ERP products allows businesses to create quotes and orders from CRM with information from the ERP systems. The integration is a powerful tool that gives salespeople and other key individuals the real-time visibility of the customer’s financial interactions and product inventory details instantly that is valuable in making informed decisions about the customers and products during a sale.

Sage CRM is a powerful tool that enables a business to build, retain and service a solid customer base by providing an excellent customer experience. By leveraging a 360o view of the customer, businesses can get the right product to the right customer on time and every time.  For more information about Sage CRM, please call us at 1-866-320-8922.

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