What Linkedin’s Password Breach Means For You and Your Business

Jun 15 2016

A quick warning to all users of LinkedIn: now may be the time to change your passwords.


News is slowly filtering out that about 117 million LinkedIn credentials are being sold by computer criminals. The passwords come from a breach resulting in criminals getting a copy of the password database from the popular business networking site. Here is Linkedin’s official comment on the breach.

While the passwords were hashed, they were not salted; this leaves shorter (Under 12-15 characters) passwords easy to find in a resources known as Rainbow tables. For more information on the technical terms, and how to protect yourself, Mantralogix has a blog post on passwords and mutlifactor authentication.

The real concern is that many users have a habit of password reuse which is considered quite dangerous in the realm of computer security. With the breach of this database, hackers have access to emails and passwords of LinkedIn users

With this information they can being looking at other popular services, including Google+, Youtube, Facebook, and even banks, where someone might have used the same email and password combination – for example, in light of this breach, Reddit has moved towards resetting 100,000 passwords.

If you have reused your LinkedIn password on any other site, it is strongly recommended that those passwords be checked as well. Additionally, it might be worth activating multifactor authentication on your LinkedIn account.

To activate multifactor authentication on LinkedIn check out our recent blog post.

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