What is an ERP?

May 07 2015

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are a type of business software that companies use to collect, store, and manage data from numerous business activities and categories. They include:

  • product planning
  • marketing and sales
  • inventory management
  • manufacturing
  • service delivery
  • shipping and payment

ERPbrainstormingThe ERP software stores your business’s information in a single database, allowing all of your departments – manufacturing, sales, purchasing, accounting, etc. – to view that data simultaneously. In addition to this easy way to view data, the ERP system updates the data in real-time, so each department is up-to-date on what’s happening as it’s happening.

This connectivity extends to customer service also, and to working with vendors. The single database allows customer service representatives to be on the same page as shipping, receiving, and accounting, so if a customer or vendor calls with questions, the customer service representative can supply answers more quickly and more accurately than before they were using the ERP system.

In addition, the ERP’s appliance transaction modules communicate directly with plant floor equipment. These enterprise appliance transaction modules, or EATMs, can employ a staging table, web services, and specific system program interfaces.

ERP systems also offer custom solutions. Their customization abilities are advanced, and customized integration solutions can be run on both work station or server-class computers. Another bonus is their scalability, as having software that can’t grow with you is a waste of money.

The only downsides of an ERP system are the time and money required for implementation. Careful planning and methodical budgeting can make those downsides less intimidating, and Mantralogix is the company to help you be less intimidated. For more information, please contact us.

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