Want to reduce your IT systems downtime?

Nov 13 2015

We have all sorts of alerts in our lives these days!  From baby monitors to smoke alarms – we are always looking for ways to be alerted to the fire before it causes harm!  This blog addresses the benefits of proactively managing your IT environment rather than waiting for things to go bump in the night.  We strongly believe in approaching your IT investment this way and want to tell you why you need alerts to monitor your IT systems.

Implementing some type of alerting strategy decrease systems downtime, decreases the time it takes to trouble shoot infrastructure issues, decreases the chance of intrusion to your company systems and the impact this may have, decreases risk to the organization and ultimately increase the productivity of your user community.

But how do you put alerting in place? Follow these implementation steps:

  1. Install a managed service software on the network.
  2. Configure monitoring and alerting on all network attached devices.
  3. Configure your maintenance schedules to patch and update all network attached devices. Anti-virus, Microsoft patching, third party application patching – can all be set up to run fully automated.
  4. Configure automated scripts to fix issues on your systems before an outage occurs.


  1. Proactive monitoring of the general health of your systems.
  2. Being alerted of issues before they occur.
  3. Being aware of an outage will mitigate downtime to your IT systems, hence increase the productivity of your user community.
  4. Increased productivity of your IT staff.
  5. Decreased risk to the organization of critical systems not being available.

This approach makes managing your IT more efficient allowing you to get back to your core strengths.  Need help setting this up?  Call Mantralogix at 1-866-320-8922 and we’d be pleased to assist you!

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