Using Sage 300 to Keep Business Processes Flowing – Securely

It’s important for your business to have good systems security that is also effective at monitoring your daily operations. Your data, such as financial information and customer and vendor information, is sensitive and should remain private for both ethical and legal reasons. The information must be accessible, however, in order to keep business processes flowing. This can be problematic, as it can be difficult to control the users that access and modify your information. A single database that offers the ability to protect, detect, and correct issues as they arise is therefore a must. The system should also be easy to use.  Together these issues can seem monumental, but Sage 300 simplifies the problem. It is a sophisticated software system that keeps all of your data in a single database.

How does this improve your security? By allowing you to specify which users can do what with which data. For example, a manager may have access to information, including read/write privileges, whereas an administrative employee might only be able to access the data  but not make changes to it. If you wish, you can require passwords for certain sections of your database, and can even send alerts to senior employees if unauthorized access is attempted.  Payroll is a great example of a business process where technology is a great enabler of process flow, while maintaining secure access to the actual data.

Sage 300 also detects issues surrounding inventory, shipping and receiving, purchase orders, and other business activities. The information is protected by Sage’s high levels of security but isn’t difficult to access for those who need it. Monitoring this data is also done by Sage 300, and with convenient user customizations, can be set to send alerts about stock shortages, delayed shipments, late payments, and the like. To keep the data trail “clean,” Sage 300 follows and records every user action to keep administrators apprised of important information – and to provide an audit trail should it ever be required.

Just being aware of issues isn’t enough. Actions must be taken to remedy situations before they can negatively impact your business. Sage 300 can do this: when a problem occurs and the alert is sent out, the software can be customized to take any number of actions, such as preventing too big or too small shipments from going out the door. The software also gives administrators the ability to separate issues into categories, such as normal, medium, and high and then set an action to be applied to each category. A “normal” issue, for example, might simply be logged to await routine viewing, “medium” issues can be logged and sent as an alert to the necessary individual for immediate review, etc.

Having your business information accessible, correctible, and secure might seem difficult, but Sage 300 can help.

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